Nas x Shinobi = Nashinobi (aka illmatic 2)

What’s up everyone, I’ve been working on this project for awhile now so I thought I would post it here since my past projects have been well received. It’s another video game mash up that should bring back some nostalgia for alot of you guys.

Nashinobi is a visceral combination of rapper Nas exceptional lyricism meshed fluently with the soundtrack of the Shinobi games. The goal of this project was to validate the quality of a marginalized genre of music, and to test the boundaries of what is considered sample worthy.

As always, I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen!
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Fuuuuck. I’m about to dl right now. I always knew that Shinobi and other games were/are sample worthy. People just need to open their hearts to the sound and not so much the source ya dig?

Didn’t you do that Lupe Fiasco jazz remix album too?


Man this shit is too hard, mad props, so far only listened to Made You Look but I love it already.

I’m slightly offended by how good the first three songs were.

Respectfully, fuck you.

mad props

Scoop! I love it homie. Keep up the good work.

How you could turn something already great into something even more amazing… I dunno. Mad fucking props!

The Big L track was dope with the bar track for Streets of Rage 2. You get some props for that. You planing a streets of rage mash up by any chance?

I haven’t been able to turn this shit off yet. Look at my time stamp niggas! I SPEAK TRUTH!

FUCK I miss the rep system so much now. You prem nigga?

You prem now nigga. Enjoy.

EDIT: Um… where did they move the addon that let you buy Prem for others?

bonus track 2 and the it ain’t hard to tell tracks is DOPE

wow you took my favorite rapper and made a tape out of my favorite video game soundtrack. and the first song + intro is my favorite song on the shinobi 3 soundtrack.


My review of Nashinobi:

:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: out of :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

I’m cumming and crying at the same time.

that cobra strike mix is fucking tight.

You guys are high, it’s all about Blaze a 50.

This shit goes hard.

Probably your best tape yet.

Shinobi remixes!! The instrumentals are ridiculous, great work

this shit is hot

Why no boss music? Probably tough to rap over a terrible beat.

:u: Clever. 6/10

POI is certifiably awesome. Everybody download this.

Handy links to two of his previous releases:
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