Nasa is announcing something and we can’t really guess now can we?

Link to stream:

People in the announcement:


They do this all the time. Last time they had a SETI guy on, it was to announce that maybe they could find life if they look hard at the ice on Mars or some shit. NASA is all about dat clickbait, it’s how they get funding.

edit: it sounds like they’re just going to announce another Earth-like planet:

Interesting it’s probably something routine. hopefully it does get hype

Keeping my expectations moderate. ¬.¬

NASA hype music too real right now.

An earth like planet would be amazing. Although I don’t think most of this planet understands what that means for us.

I think that would be VERY obvious.

Im hoping for space diamonds

space hookers, what else should be?

It’s been proven NASA has deliberately hidden tons of evidence of “alien” life for decades no I don’t mean dimbass Roswell conspiracies.

Surprised NASA has in recent years been changing its tune as a big space and alien nerd I’m hype for something cool.

God is dead?

The announcement means fuck all if we cant get off this rock and bring freedom and liberty to planet x in a timely fashion.

Yo space OIL doe!!! e:((aren’t diamonds only rare because DeBeer’s holds a shitload of them))

I heard the Earth-like planet in the Milky way rumor this morning.

Dude, we could go on for ages:

Space dinosaurs, space ninjas, space pirates(!!!), an earth like planet where pachyderm-like creatures have a civilization and oppress their primate-like popuation.

Damnit we need to get these niggas some real cash to send up another couple of telescopes n space stations up there. Trump getting B’s in a maniacal attempt to murk the planet yet scientists that can further human knowledge need to get on their knees? Crazy.

He is Knowhere to be found.

New planet? we need to Jesusfy it in the name of the best poster in SRK who is undefeated in religion threads.

Are you trying to resurrect Cisco? I thought he got banned.

If that is the case we still have Cisco Jr. Davidstar.

How else are we going to stop Aliens from going to hell?

This is some really big news. The planet is 60% bigger the size of earth and is in the zone where liquid water could pool and sustain life. Its sun is 6 billion years old, and is brighter than our sun, but the planet’s orbit is wider and it takes 385 days to complete. Very similar conditions to Earth.

A major difference is that we would feel the effect of gravity more due to the planet’s increased size. Which makes me wonder if time is slowed down there compared to Earth time because of the whole relativity thing. (Yes, I’m still mindfucked by Interstellar, lol).

I wonder if, in our lifetime, we will answer the question of whether we are alone or not.

I just want to know what the Earth-2 version of me is like.

The time would be different but not by much; gravity has to be extremely strong in order distort time to any significant level. Even Interstellar exaggerated the time distortion on that water planet. The amount of gravity needed to create noticeable time dilation would crush anyone into paste.