NASA (F*CKED UP ...again) Discovery of New Life Form


New Story March 7th 2011- NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite

I feel so dirty linking to Fox News…

----Old Pos-----
…Nasa just issued the following statement

It maybe something to do with NASA recent discovery of Oxygen atmosphere on one of Saturns moons. - Cassini reveals oxygen atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Rhea - Astronomy Magazine

But that statement is wide open to speculation :amazed:

On Thursday 2nd December NASA will be streaming the conference live - NASA - Home

So, New beginning, beginning of the end, or will it all lead to nothing?

Breaking News:

Daily Telegraph have more information on what NASA will be discussing at tomorrows conference, unfortunately it’s not aliens, but a new life form that has been living on our planet in conditions that were deemed unable to support any form of life.

‘Life as we don’t know it’ discovery could prove existence of aliens - Telegraph


Seems well timed with all the fucked up shit going on in the world.


i predict it to be boring >_<


Yeah, prolly nothing resembling the thread title. But another planet/moon with an oxygen atmosphere is really interesting.


Didn’t something really similar happen awhile back, with nasa making some cryptic statement regarding an announcement to be forthcoming about ‘life’ and it ended up being nothing really that exciting.

if they’d discovered extra terrestrial life, why wouldn’t they immediately announce it? surely they would.


Meh, you know how people are though.

I ‘suspect’ they’ve found signs of life ‘previously’ or something. Whatever the organism, with it’s distance from the sun, it would of had to of been a tough cookie…in othre words DON’T BRING THAT SHIT HERE.

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They are probably just gonna announce that they “suspect” there might be some microscopic organisms there…


Probably found a flower growing on a distance planet or something. Wake me when you have full HD video of Aliens walking around a city


^^^ dude even an amoeba growing on a distant planet is something. We have found NO signs of life in the universe still existing outside of Earth. Best we got is fossilized remains of bacteria from mars from millions of years ago.

Saturn’s moons and Jupiter’s moons (specifically Europa) were supposed to have the best chance of life in our galaxy, outside of Earth.

They panel they’re putting together for this is interesting…

maybe NASA figured it was time to talk about aliens, before wikileaks leaks the info first :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, but how will that impact me is what i’m saying. Sure, a flower or something growing is a HUGE scientific breakthrough/find, but I want to see some Aliens. Something that tells us (humans) that we aren’t the only ones here (not trying to down play their find, but I want some Sci-Fi type shit…LOL)


:rofl: That could be possible.



obviously we all do, but if NASA can prove extra-terrestrial life CURRENTLY exists, that opens up new possibilities and funding for them. I’m hoping we found some sort of space jellyfish


inb4 we found cthulhu chillin


:rofl: I’m down with this. Where my green bitches at??? Gimmie dem space hoes!!!



if they find any sort of extraterrestrial life at all, even something as simple as a virus or replicating protein chains, then that’s quite possibly the most important scientific discovery in the history of mankind. the simple knowledge that we are not alone, that life exists outside this planet, that there is more to it than humanity has imagined.

and if they did find something like bacteria or fungus living in the solar system, then the probability of there being higher forms of life in distant areas becomes an almost statistical certainty.

also, they never found ‘fossilized remains’ of bacterial life on mars. i have no idea why someone would think that. we haven’t found any evidence of any sort of extra terrestrial life at all. period.


on the contrary, any organism that is adapted to survive in that environment would find ours extremely deadly and, unless it’s supremely simple in build (and therefore very hardy), it would almost certainly perish introduced to our planet.

it’s like archaea that can live in boiling hot environments ‘freezing’ to death at room temperature


misleading thread title, ban please.

oh and fuck NASA, revoke that funding ASAP.


you wildin, son. we got money to build bombs to kill brown people but you don’t wanna pay to advance the consciousness of the human race? to greater scientific knowledge, to advances in technological fields, to exploration of something beyond ourselves, the very universe itself?

i’m not with thurst on this one


true our environment could be deemed harsh, but it can also work the other way around (I know too much evolution).

It would be kind of interesting if this was a combonation of wikiLeaks + needing funding kind of move…

grilled chicken salad with light ranch for lunch sounds like a win to me…

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Might not impact you personally, but on a broader global and even universal sense, it is a huge thing…

if it is anything. We;re finding water everywhere. O2 AND CO2? guess that can be big.

whichever way, i’d rather they tell us of all possible signs, rather than not tell us… all of these false alarms don’t hurt the general public, and in fact offer opportunities to learn.