NASA finds planet that can sustain life but it might not be any time soon

If only we had the warp drive

We don’t know if it’s mostly rock, gas, or liquid. So no, we don’t yet know enough about it to determine if it is even like Earth, despite it’s awesome location and temperature.

600 light years away means that what we see is 600 years ago, right?

So we kind of see a current image… I guess.

+1 for warp drives.

Hopefully the planet is made out of arsenic. :cybot:

Just think of how bad SF4/MVC3 netcode would be for interstellar matches.

Can’t possibly be as bad as EC to WC on PSN.

I’d expect sub-KOFXII level.

You’d be better off playing SF by mail.

quick hide it from the Americans.

So… still better than coast to coast PSN?


Well, let’s take into account that it’d take a few years to receive snail mail from that new planet…

image though if the planet had weed everywhere or some other type of alien drug

I bet it’d be fine if you were in Japan.

Only if them or the Koreans set up the network infrastructure on the planet.

Are black people allowed on this new planet?

Only Oprah, Morgan Freeman and Eddie Murphy

Im enjoying Earth just fine for the moment

I want to know about Alien pussy.

Exploring the unknown just like Captain Kirk

Say hello to ESTDs.