NASA Verifies The "Impossible"

This got discussed a long time ago, and NASA has yet again managed to prove this shit works, despite it going against the laws of physics.

Bring on lunar vacations and martian whores!

God dun dood it

This is so fucking cool.

This news have put a big smile on my face.

Bravo NASA bravo, space tourism might just be a reality for our generation!



But is space an absolute vacuum??

We’re getting closer guys…

“…To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations…
… and FUCK them.”

nothing is:

Idk guys, I’m scared. What if this is all a trap by Alien Robot Ships that exist outside the galaxy and wait for us to discover this technology and then come and kill us when we start to use it?

It is a reality now, you just need $100,000 dollars lying around. Lol.

So when do we start building arks to ship off 1 billion chinese and 1 billion indians?

Damn earth to the moon in 4 hours thays godlike

Barry bonds could still be early on a fastball that fast

Mars in 2 months instead of a half year journey. Half a year there, and half a year back. That’s a whole lot of food you need to store on a ship. A lot of fuel you need to take all that food (and spacecraft, and astronauts) out of our orbit. No longer needed, because the trip is that quick.

I can’t imagine going to the moon at lunch time, and being back in time to watch hockey.


See the power of science !

I just hope this technology trickles down and we get hand held microwave cannons.
Could you imagine eradicating homelessness with one of those bad boys?

I can finally send my feces into space so i can achieve my dream of shitting on the sun.

Who gives a shit. The us government been sitting on “advanced flight” technology for decades. This shit only impresses reddit users.