NASA will pay you $15,000 to lay in bed for 3 months


Everyone is set up with a TV, computer, and game console. I’m pretty sure I could totally do this.

Would love it if a participant blogged about their experience and started out all excited and then by day 50 was writing “Itchy. Tasty.” :lol:

EDIT: More recent article:

I guess they’ve been doing these for awhile.


Oh shit.
Where do I sign up?

Edit: This shit is like 3 years old.


Sounds cool, but what kind of unholy contraption are your nether regions going to be hooked up to when you need to shit or piss?


Only women and eunichs can do this. Everyone else will want to jack off or have sex in that 3 month time span. I assume they don’t want you doing either. Deal breaker!


So basically

Fuck that though, as weird as it sounds lying in bed for 60 days with no health issues keeping you there seems hard as shit to me.


Wow…more than the gubment, but for a shorter period.


I make more than 15000 every 6 weeks so for me this is a dumb deal. The whole not being able to have sex or jerk off didn’t even enter my mind until someone else mentioned it lol.


Didn’t read the article, but I’m pretty sure they’re trying to figure out how fast your body atrophies and how much mineral density your bones lose. Your body is also tilted downward from what I glanced. Your body will weaken to the point where you might get sick and possibly have trouble pooping as well.

NO SIR! and also, there’s no such thing as an easy ride.


At least a sailor that commits months of his life to living on a smelly boat gets to fap.

He also gets to drink.


by that logic you break 130k+ a year, why the fuck is your name recession time?!


This is old I read about something similar a few years ago where they paid a lot more for almost a whole year. You are required to do physical exercises while sitting down and no medical examiners will be there to see what health issues you run into eventually, the study is to see how the human body handles being in space for extended periods and you’re signing up to be the guinea pig. This isn’t like donating plasma, serious health risks are involved and at that point it’s never worth the money.


People have been doing this for free.

Shout outs to @MvC2 Community


Before taxes. After taxes I don’t get that full 15k. I’m starting to wonder if Evo winners pay taxes.


you would be that guy…lol


Is this the hyperbolic time chamber where you go to body Daigo when you finally come out? Online warrior and live stream that shit up. Get in on that Esports money while getting paid by NASA. Double KO!


You’re not having sex anytime soon cutie pie, just wack off on your face and enjoy it.


At one point I too thought salaries around 100k was a lot of money but it doesn’t change who you are or your daily lifestyle. After taxes a big chunk is gone and the rest disappears into your mortgage and other expenses. I certainly not making it rain at strip joints.

I don’t feel special. Every other person I meet on a daily basis makes more money than I do. It’s only when haters like yourself hate I feel like I’ve achieved something in life. Please continue to bask me in your salty tears of envy. Yummy.


100k is a lot of money. Wish i made 100k. I could live really comfortably on 100k.


Where are you located? Every other person i run into are broke mother fuckers that aint got no job like me.


Sounds like where you live is too expensive or your house is just way too big for 1(?) person, or you just have too much pointless shit eating away at your money.

Making 100K+ should be having you live the good life.