Nash Match Critiques



Any input on my game is welcome, trying to pick up Nash and re-learn sf after years of zangief.

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Feel free to comment directly on the video for context, or here, or wherever.


I just watched this one:

Some stuff:

  • No anti-airs in general. Good SB trap at around 3 mins 20, but you need to react to normal jump-ins in footsies with at the very least.
  • Too much jumping at him randomly. I suppose he didn’t anti air that much, but to me I read this as being far too eager to get in on him. Nash can frustrate Ryu and control the pace of the match in neutral with SB/VS/AA/dash/forward moving normals. Pick your moments to go in instead of going for the big jump in combo all the time - better players will punish you for it. If you want a specific example look at 1 min 21 seconds. You have a gigantic life lead but you jump at him for no reason (he doesn’t AA) and end putting yourself in a situation where you get hit by mashed out DP > CA. You could argue that zoning with SB is risky at that point because he has VT and CA, but he hasn’t demonstrated he’s good enough to use that, and because of the life disparity making him waste both VT and CA to punish a fireball wouldn’t actually be so bad.
  • Specific situation at 25 seconds. You hit the hkSS combo putting him in the corner then do hpSB dash forward. What is the benefit of doing dash forward here? You’re throwing the hpSB to either keep him in the corner or bait him to jump over it. He jumps but you dash under him and put yourself in the corner. Be a bit more patient, see what he does and if he jumps then AA with or exSS (although you didn’t have meter here).
  • No confirms off cr.lp cr.lp.
  • You hit about 5 counter-hit cr.hps and didn’t convert any of them into st.hp. Confirming counter-hits in this game is very easy, especially off buttons like cr.hp and that do loads of hitstun. Having said that you did convert most of the time into the normal combo, although there was one where he blocked the cr.hp and you did xx hkSS anyway.
  • Punish blocked sweeps properly. Only a single punish from I think 3 blocked sweeps. At the bare minimum you should counter sweep every time, but you also blocked one at close range which you can hit with a st.hp combo.
  • At 1 min 3 seconds you opened the round with raw hkSS. Why?
  • Mix up what you do on knockdowns. Looks like you went for meaty pressure every time. The one time you did it was around 4 mins 10 seconds and it paid off with a blocked DP.
  • You got the stun from the CC after that, but then almost let him mash out by jumping out of the corner for no reason when you could have done any number of basic combos into CA for the kill.
  • When you stun someone and they’re near KO, finish with hpTA. You allowed him to go into the last round with CA when you could have stolen half a bar.
  • No punish on blocked CA. This is like -18 or something, so you can at least do mkSS.

Hope that helps. It seems like a lot of criticism, but most of this stuff is very easy to fix. There are some very common habits in there that would probably be easier to notice if you were being punished for them. A LOT of players do stuff like normal normal > jump forward, for example. Once you notice yourself doing it you can stop pretty quickly, plus it has the added benefit of giving you a pattern to look for from other players which can help your AA game too.


Seems to usually go unpunished at round start, and gets the slow pos out early enough to aa if they jump or hit some walk forward >poke stuff. Probably a bad move?

No problem at all, it is very very much appreciated. I need a lot of criticism and I have no ego or problem taking it. I’m bad and I want to be good. Bring it on, lol. Thank you! Lots of good stuff here, much I didn’t know. Some I knew but need to work on, like my obsession with going in.


There’s just little to no benefit for something that it horrendously punishable.

Good (and rare!) attitude :slight_smile:


I did run this BO3 set 2 days ago, some solid gameplay