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What do you do after Nash’ flip kick? Is it positive on block for him? I can never seem to punish it even with a jab.


U can stuff him out of it or you can vskill reflect it. You’re welcome


He’s +1, +2, +3, +1 depending on strength from light to ex moonsault.


Don’t press buttons after it. It’s a frame trap. Thats why the Nash bastards always jab after it. And if you hit anything you get hit. Nash bastard can convert those lights to mediums to specials to VT to super. I hate him.


can’t you beat the startup with cr HP or standing MP?


You can but its not very easy. The LP version starts off like hes jumping straight up. I guess I just need to see it more and get used to it.

I’m not sure of its frame data either. I was doing it against my friend playing gief and he could consistently punish all versions except EX. Maybe giefs height makes it hit higher leaving more recovery frames.

For Bison if i press anything I’m eating a combo. Or maybe you need/have to stand to block it. Idk.


Need to anti air it or eat a blockstring if you cant react in time. If they do a set up where they throw a boom and follow it up with the kick you can blow it up with inferno. I don’t trust V-Skill against Nash because he has so many options due to the slow projectile speed and fast recovery.


Challenge it with a c.hp or air to air. I think you can low profile it with gotta get used to that though.


You can also dash under it on reaction. Takes getting used to, but gets you out of pressure.

Also, you can just v-skill it like Andy said.

Oh, if you’re planning on using V-Reversal against EX Moonsault, use it on the first portion of the move. If you try to V-Reversal the second half of the move, Nash will land and can block. This would leave you at -2, which is worse than if you had just blocked the move normally.


I’m pretty certain he recovers in time after moonsault if you try to vskill it. I suppose the non reflective version works.


But I wonder if you gain advantage back by doing this. If you block it, Nash has advantage.


Mm I guess. On the other hand you eat a full combo if you mess up the parry timing.


Doesn’t appear to work:

I tested it at various strengths and ranges and got counter hit every time.

edit: yep it looks like using the full reflect v-skill is the way to go, if you hit it early enough you’re guaranteed advantage.


Do the vskill and let the projectile go! They’ll eat the projectile.

Sometimes they’re able to block but they HAVE to respect it. If they press any button (except for Super) they’ll eat the projectile. Even better, Bison is MAD PLUS after a blocked vskill projectile.


Vskill 100% works for all strengths of his jaguar kick. They MUST block if you hold down.

If the Nash doesn’t block he gets hit by the psycho blast. They usually will not block for now as its their safe way in and they are + on block. If they do block the psycho blast, know you are -2…

Edit. If they do crouching jab it can sometimes trade but they still get hit.


No, actually Bison is VERY + on block after the blocked vskill projectile. Psycho blast is another move, his back, forward + punch.


I’m not sure. I saw you disagreed. It’s on FAT app as -2… It’s called psycho burst on his list. It’s after psycho reflect so assume that’s the right move.


s.HK will beat moonsault clean, even if hit fairly late.


Burst is vreversal