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This match feels pretty bad. I don’t see what’s stopping him from just laming you out. He can absorb the second hit of Guile’s V-Skill booms, gain CA and V meter, then punish you for throwing a boom. His normals seem better overall too. Why Capcom made it so he can absorb the second hit I have no idea as that totally puts the fight in his favour imo.

If either character blocks a boom, the other can dash in behind it and if he’s spaced it correctly then his opponent is forced to deal with the mixup of throw, crush counter, overhead, or shimmy. This also favours Nash as he gets better damage in this situation.

Perhaps I’m wrong and over time we will find solutions to this match but I felt extremely lost as to what my game plan should be against this character.


Out zoning both Ryu and Nash requires you to throw a Vskill -> hSonic Boom, then dash up immediately and you will backfist the recovery of their boom or their attempt to parry.

Don’t be afraid to pressure Nash off a knockdown and mix it up. That’s our biggest advantage in this MU. Mix up your booms with EX booms to punish him for trying to absorb them. Go for stHP CC on Nash’s wakeup so long as he doesn’t have super. Something about characters without wakeups their players love to press buttons. Get your meaty timing down and crush them for it.


Thanks for this. Tried it tonight and got much better results. Using the heavy ones and following in with back fist makes them start to jump to try and punish you, but if you’re ready for it you are the one that gets the punish. Getting used to how to move around with Guile in this game is kinda weird but I’m starting to get there.


Definitely feels like Nash’s favor to me. Moonsault is difficult to deal with and beats non-EX late reacted Flash Kick. Nash can absorb the second hit of Cross after trading the first hit with his own projectile.

Don’t think it’s bad but maybe 4-6? Might only be like 4.5-5.5 as time goes on. Really need to find a better answer to Moonsaults than EX Flash Kick :\


I’ve been using crHP, does stHP not work? 7f is pretty fast to crack him out of the sky.


Are you reliably beating Moonsaults and EX Moonsaults with cr.HP? Guess I need to re-assess if so.


It’s been awhile since I’ve played, but guile was the last character I played as and I will be revisiting him soon.

About Nash.

Use h booms. Nash has to predictably v skill to grab these. Then mix it up with m and l booms. M booms to hit his early v skill, l boom to scare him from v skilling since you will follow the L boom in and punish Nash for absorbing it.

V trigger:

Nashes v trigger counters guiles booms. But guiles flashkick counters nashes v trigger. The better player wins here. Nash has to v trigger very early to hit guile during boom recovery… And a simple jab fake will sort that shit out.

Nashes booms:

You over power his booms so you shouldn’t have a problem there. The problem is his boom/scythe mixup. The way to beat this is to be the better player and predict him better than he predicts you. FK his scythe on reaction then go in against him since his wakeup is ass.

His pokes:

Your boom>his pokes… Nuff said. He has to jump or convince you not to boom or go over a boom in order to get in on you… All of which have counters.

I was doing well versus Nash players that mained him on my 2 day guile. I don’t think guile wins it per se… But it’s nowhere near a match where Nash can stop all of guiles options or even most of them. They counter each other. Nash has the better mobility and I think that gives him a slight edge, but guile has the better reversal. Guile also has the better boom.

I think the way to play this matchup is to play super lame until you get a knockdown. Always remember to match nashes booms as well. That means you throw a boom on reaction to his boom. It’s safer that way while you formulate a plan.

Also, even though it’s safest to play super lame… Don’t be afraid to jump forward on occasion as it’s very hard to stop guiles forward jump when trying to also get passed his boom game.


I’ll just leave this here:


V skill is vital against Nash. Anytime you have your v skill out, he can’t sonic scythe, he can’t sonic boom and he can’t moonsault, so put it out as often as possible. Once you start to shut down his options it opens up your boom game a lot.


I’m starting to think that V-Reversal is more important than storing V-Trigger against Nash. V-Reversaling his sonic booms when he’s dashing in behind them can save you having to deal with a ton of his b.s.


I can vouch for this - I’m terrible at keeping my V gauge, so I use VR way too much (spot the Alpha player), and VR’ing his booms really puts the hurt on his full-range pressure game.


I’m also guilty of this, but I think the breathing room is justified for Guile. I used V-Reversal way too much with other characters before I switched to Guile, so now I feel right at home.