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The Nash Matchup Index

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I know absolutely nothing about the Dhalsim matchup and never learned it in previous entries. Can someone give me a full rundown on fighting Sim?


Here’s how I’m trying to deal with him.

Long range: Don’t use moonsault if he’s fireball happy. This goes for FANG too. Both of these guys have fireballs that stuff it. Be patient and dash under his fireballs. You can sometimes get two off before they get the chance to attack. Unlike FANG however, feel free to grab Sim’s fireballs with your V-Skill if you can time/space it right.

Mid-long range: Sim’s long reaching normals lose to sonic scythe, but can also wiff punish it. At this range, you’re playing footsies with him. Be willing to throw out moonsault at this range if you can read that he’s going for his standing fierce or another poke that can’t anti-air.

Close range: Your main goal is to avoid getting hit by a grab. Use your hopkick to beat out his slides. Try to bait and punish Yoga Flame like it’s any other reversal move. Apply pressure as usual and don’t let up. If you see him teleport, and you have the chance, moonsault or V-Trigger. Chances are they won’t react fast enough, and you’ll keep on the pressure. EX Moonsault is especially useful for this. In fact, at this range, hitting him with V-Skill to charge your V-Trigger is a really good idea, because your V-Trigger gets you in for free.

Sim is really dangerous in the air. Try to moonsault, air grab, or ex sonic scythe him when you see him jump. If you have V-Trigger, it’s very useful to spend here to go right behind him and knock him out of the air. If he’s too far away for moonsault, air grab, EX Scythe, and you don’t have V-Trigger, you gotta prepare for a teleport mixup coming your way. Do what you gotta do to deal with that.


Tips for fighting Necalli? Seems like everything I do gets stuffed.


Back in the Gouken forums I had made a thread for each matchup and in the master thread (this one) had a link to each matchup.

The obvious benefit to this is you don’t need to search a single thread that contains matchup knowledge on tons of characters you aren’t looking for. Information is compartmentalized and divided into relevant threads when you are looking for answers or looking to help others/share discoveries. People will hopefully not need to post the same question over and over because they don’t want to look through a 15 page thread. The con is that the forum will look a tiny bit messy until the forum populates more.

They recreated this set up in the Bison section if you want to see how it looks/works. LINK:

Would anyone like to follow that up in here? I think it would be great for the subforum.


This please


Anything on the Necalli match up? It doesn’t seem to be in Nash’s favor at all. His stand roundhouse is beating everything I have and things whiff on him like crazy.


That would be great if someone was willing to put in the time and work to keep the OPs updated in each one. It’s not as big a roster as SF4 so would be much easier to manage.


Or everyone just pick a character you hate and make the thread lol


I do like having multiple threads because it doesn’t put that much pressure on the thread starter to keep the first post updated (assuming that the threads don’t become large). However, I don’t want the responsibility since I struggled to keep things up-to-date for Guy in the SFIV series.


The OP literally just needs the links and to be stickied. Even if someone walks away from the game at some point a mod can always update the links as new characters come out.

I can start on this tomorrow at work.


Interestingly, was just browsing the Necalli thread and a number of players mentioned Nash being a hard matchup. This stuff is very subjective right now.


It’s extremely difficult to say whether any given matchup right now is in character X’s favor and not Y’s when most players don’t even understand their own character’s tools, let alone how their tools interact with their opponents’.


Yeah especially this early on when gimmicks and playstyles are so volatile. Although I will say this, I main Nash and I played a lot against my friends Necalli, and we are by no means excellent players but the most difficult thing for me to adjust to were small niche things that I got away with against other characters but had to tighten up vs Necalli

For instance, one of my go-to strings earlier on was just something like cr.MP>st.MP, which I always got jabbed out of, so I had to change to b+MK ( which i’m pretty sure you should just always do b.MK, just lazy )

The other thing is it might seem like Necallis Stomp string pressure is really tough to deal with, but you just have to realize Stomp is -4 on block and stop/equalize the pressure with cr.LP, if you get lucky you’ll get a CH into a combo and start reversing the situation.

You just also have to be really patient with buttons and fight as hard as you can to stay out of the corner, burn V-Reversals, V-Reversal out, have a strong AA game and just control the ground as much as you can, you can out-space and out-footsie Necalli if you put yourself in the correct ranges. After that its just a matter of min-maxing punishes and landing a solid hit to reduce the chance of him getting V-trigger activation. Getting crush countered is a huge issue especially with how active and buttons-y I like to play with Nash, so really just more emphasis on picking and choosing precise times to attack.


That’s not something that’s exclusive to Necali. Cr.MP->st.MP has a 4 frame gap so any character with a 3f move can hit you out of it (Cammy, Chun-Li, Karin, R. Mika - Rashid and Ryu both have 3f moves but I don’t know if theirs have enough range).

So it’s not an actual problem then. Okay.

Sounds like this could be said about any rushdown character honestly. I was playing against a good Rashid and I had to do pretty much what you describe here.


Ok so for Necalli, everytime he hits stomp Ive been able to get a st. LP xx l. SS to punish. It helps that whenever he tries to get ballsy and use a DP you can punish for a huge chunk so keep that in mind. Also outside of Necalli’s roundhouse, Nash wins the neutral you just need to be patient. You can even hit him out of roundhouse at the right distance with f+HK and cr. Mk. You just cant really go ham on him due to Necalli being much scarier up close. Thats how I feel anyways after playing some sets against a few necallis


If you are for this format please voice it here and not the cammy thread.

If anyone has a problem with this format please voice it here and not the cammy thread.


I love it. Very clean. Are you going to somewhat regularly update each thread as good info is released?


Posted up some Birdie punishes in another thread but will post them here in an easier to read format for easier viewing

Birdie f+HP Punishes (-7)


[] xx SS (any version)(2f punish). Most consistent at all ranges.
] st.hp xx SS (1f punish). Works only when blocked close range.
[] EX TA
Can utilise VT for better punishes and for positional advantage.

Bullhead Punishes (non VT) (lp/mp/hp/ex = -10/-10/-5/-10)

LP Bullhead


[] st.hp xx SS. Very easy punish at all ranges
[] EX SS
] Super

MP Bullhead


[] st.hp xx SS. Very easy punish at all ranges
[] EX SS
] Super

HP Bullhead


cr.jab xx LK SS

EX Bullhead

[details=Spoiler]Even though this move is -10, Birdie reels back so the following punishes are the only ones I found consistent;
[] LK SS (reversal timing) 1f punish
] Super
[] EX TA

Bullhead Punishes (VT mode) (lp/mp/hp/ex = -9/-9/-9/-7)

LP/MP/HP VT Bullhead

] Sweep
[] cr.fierce
[*] EX TA

EX VT Bullhead



So all in all, Nash has meterless punishes for everything Birdie can do, apart from EX bullhead in VT, which requires a bar to punish.

V Reversal is also an option if you want to get away from Birdie too

BIRDIE Match Up Thread

I like this format and hope it works out. As long as you and whoever decides to make new threads are active and consistently update the threads, there should be no problems. This format is way more organized than a centralized thread for all matchups. I don’t want to waddle through pages of text on various matchups if I was only interested in say the Karin match up. I wouldn’t want to go through each page using ctrl+F “karin” just to find any info I can when I can just go to an entire thread dedicated to Nash vs Karin.

Furthermore, a centralized thread on 16 (and counting) match ups will also likely have several discussions going on at once on several topics and specific questions may get lost among all the information and end up unanswered. This has happened to me a couple of times throughout the forums in the more active threads and I can say firsthand it makes me feel my attempts to get my questions answered is futile.

I say keep up the good work and let the haters hate (as long as they do it in this thread, and not the Cammy thread XD)