Nash or Ryu?


i have played sf5 for a while and now i have narrowed down my 2 mains to ryu or nash. one of the many reasons why i like ryu is because i am a die hard ryu fan, fastest fireball game, his parry, and his v trigger. I am also a huge fan of nash because he is now a motion character and not a charge character. i also like his speed and v trigger. i am currently starting to practice more and compete in my local tournaments but im not sure which of the two i should main in tournaments. anything helps,thansk


when you want to compete in tournaments…non of em!


who would you recommend??


Ryu at the moment isn’t his best version. But he is fine for tournament. Maybe not top 16-8 material. But you should do OK.
Nash is just a different Ryu with a different game plan.

Between the two I would suggest Nash.

But other than them Guile is smashing shit. Akuma is common to see in top 8’s. Dhalsim if you can get your distances right. Cammy crushes it. Necali is still up there though he is pretty boring. Balrog is another good choice. I have been seeing Laura a lot.

The most important thing though is you pick a character you are happy playing. You will spend more time practicing and finding those little intricacies of each match up. You will definitely do a lot better picking a character you like and training yourself to be tournament viable, than picking a “top tier” character and relying on the tools they have and using them inefficiently.

Stick with Nash a bit longer. Go to tournaments and get the experience. Because you will be shocked at the varying levels of players, if you haven’t been yet. And watch Infiltration’s Nash videos. He has some other character videos up, but ignore them. Don’t get distracted. Keep your eye on the prize.

My first tournament I 2-0’d 4 players before running into somebody who was there to do well. And got destroyed. It wouldn’t have mattered what character I played. The first 4 were worse players than me. The 5th player was better.