Nash Q&A Thread



Nash has no escape options?, I did a set with A friend who plays Sim/Rashid. One thing that really shocked me was that I noticed Nash’s V-Skill can be interrupted. Apparently there’s a small vulnerability window. This basically crushed me. He has no wake up options. I’m being rushed down,nearly about to be stunned, I hit my V Skill to wake up and get out of the corner and he hits me with an Air Fierce> I’m stunned and lose about 70% life. So basically trying to use Vskill to get out is too risky, I just have to sit there and take it. I was already upset with how bad his anti-air game is and now this really makes me want to drop the char. How is it fair that sim gets to Teleport on wakeup for free and be 100 percent safe but Nash has to spend a Vtrigger and still be vulnerable??!!


I’m going to sound like a dick but it can’t be helped -
Nash has the best wake up option in the game

Also if Nash’s bad anti air game is making you want to drop the character then there is no way to help you as he has some of the best anti airs in the game.

Ok, trying to be less of a dick - Use V-Reversal if you’re being pressured. Mashing on V-Trigger when you’re being pressured is not only a waste of two V-bars and you have a specific move designed for that situation that only uses one V-bar.
If you’re struggling to anti air with Nash, watch the first 1:30 of this video

There, you made me shameless whore out my own video.


Well my execution has always been my biggest weakness in my own opinion, i blame it on my age =P
If i couldn’t get better execution when i still had all the time in the world to practice, i am not getting my hopes up that i’ll get it now that i’m working full time =(
Thanks for the tip though =)


Lol. I know that feel, I’m a Marvel player with old hands and bad execution. xD
Seriously though, b.MK-TragedyAssault can be awkward and if you don’t feel confident doing it, don’t. But I definitely would recommend trying it every now and then in a match just for the sake of trying.


interesting, I suppose that’s a good idea, using alpha counter escape. I’m mainly having trouble with vertical jump ins, I try crouching medium punch but I seem to simply eat the hit a lot. I like the standing medium kick option however basically any jump in where they are right above me or trying to cross me over gives me issues, but they video does help. thx


I actually feel the need to apologise a little. I was being a dick earlier. I was really damn salty from a session last night. (Friend’s TV has delay on it and I’ve said about it for years. Couldn’t even hit confirm a crush counter)

Anyways, st.MK and b.MK are really good for the awkward jumps coming down on top of you. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re not sure if you can anti air them that close, consider f.LK as a way to get out of the situation. If done early enough you open up some space between you and didn’t have to deal with it. Obviously it’s not something to do every time because you have to challenge them at some point or they’ll just keep doing it.
Also think about the Air Throw. I often forget to use it but I’ve been in matches where I’ve anti air’d this person at least 5 times and they’re still jumping at me but after throwing them out of the air they’ve started thinking twice.


Seconded. I’ve done this too. Played a few jump happy Giefs (you know the type, can’t do 360’s without jumping first). For a while I’d be hitting them with air-to-air anti-airs or standing ones. Then I got tired of that and just jumped up and started throwing them. That was when they got the cue to stop jumping.


I wish his vtrigger had start up invulnerability as well :frowning:
I just block and then vreversal out of the pressure.


right, Although I’ve found that Nash’s air throw isn’t as good as sf4 air throws. You have to be parallel to you opponent for the most part. I swear in sf4 the air-throw box seemed bigger, i suppose its something that must be done anticipatory. shrugs i’ll try it.


i have a issue with the monsault into rapid punch kombo
is that really a 3 frame link? i miss is the majority of time so that the dummy just blocks it.


“Also if Nash’s bad anti air game is making you want to drop the character then there is no way to help you as he has some of the best anti airs in the game.”

Having to choose the correct anti air out of 5 different buttons based on range and character specifics is not in any way good. I’m not saying Nash is bad or anything like that, but let’s not pretend he has strong anti airs because he definitely does not.


The thing is cr.MP wins in like 80% of scenarios

the other 20% is choosing between 2-3 options, it’s pretty standard across a host of SF characters in various games.

for example cr.MP will lose often to chun li, but you can just use b.MK against chun li instead and that’s it. for gief, st.HK will almost always win. It’s not really that complicated, it’s just remembering which buttons to use for the different characters and then making adjustments based on the opponent’s choices


I stick with st.HK almost exclusively for my AA game, and it works 90% of the time. Might be the level of players I’m facing tho.


I get stuffed consistantly by shoto jumping HK uing cr medium. It also loses to every divekick i’ve tried it against.


If an opponent is jumping right from midscreen it’s pretty easy to anti-air with any of his AA normals. It’s only when you run into close range and cross-up range where you need to think about which button to press. You also have to factor in character moves that change their hurtbox or alter their trajectories. Personally, I find s.Forward the most consistent AA at mid-to-close ranges.


You have to understand: good =/= easy

His anti airs are all situational and I agree it can be hard at times to pick out the right one, but if properly used, they can be very effective at shutting out most jump attempts in the neutral game.

I have a question to ask as well. I know his EX SS is not invincible, but I’ve heard somewhere that it has some upper body invincibility. I can’t seem to find confirmation anywhere so can anyone confirm this?


Until we get a hitbox viewer, we’ll have to trust the information in the official guide, which states that there are 6 upper body invincibility frames. Here’s the blurb from the guide:


Can find all hitboxes and hurtboxes / frame data for the entire roster on one of Dantarion’s sites.
Here’s Nash’s EX SS for example:
6 startup frames, upper body / grab invincibility during first 6 frames. (frame 0 counts as first frame, frame 5 is thus 6 frames startup.)


Have a question regard his jumping sobat (f+MK) and step kick (f+HK). According to the frame data, the step kick has the same number of startup frames as the sobat, more active frames and less recover frames. Not to mention its slightly even better on block (-2 as opposed to the sobat -3). I tested the range and both are pretty much the same.

I’m just getting into looking at frame data so maybe I analysed something wrong here. But it seems the step kick is just better to use in general than the sobat. I could be wrong so seeking some help here.

Frame data here:

EDIT: ok so i just discovered the sobat is considered airborne and has advantage of going over lows.


what’s up with Nash players doing st.lp on wakeup? seems to work quite often vs solid players
do you guys do this on wakeup?