SF Results for Today:

  1. Majin
  2. Max
    3 Patrick
    4 Eddie
    5 Charlie
    5 Kris Nelson
    7 Eugene
    7 ShinBlade
    9 Shawn McCool
    9 Jacob Penguin
    9 Chris Brown
    9 Andrew
    13 Cale
    13 Matt
    13 Graham
    13 Keith
    17 FlyMike
    17 David Key
    17 Grant
    17 John
    17 Sam
    17 Gregg
    17 Lycan
    17 Caleb

Tekken Results
1 Majin
2 Trung
3 Jio
4 ShinBlade
5 Ian
5 Cody D
7 FlyMike
7 Charlie Dycus
9 Chris Brown
9 Bishop Mem
9 Beeley
9 Lycan
13 Patrick
13 Randell
13 Max
13 Dimo
17 Chris Dunson
17 Cory
17 Eddie


I guess I’ll be the only one to reply.

Dream - Thanks for running such a smooth tourney!

Tigerboi - Good stuff placing 2nd! You’ve definitely gotten a whole lot better since the last time.

It was nice to put names with faces as well (please don’t flame me for not already knowing) such as Arson, Shawn, Charlie (the Guile player), Patrick (Rufus player), and G-Ram. Good stuff to all of you…

Good stuff to fellow Memphians, ShinBlade, Lycan, and FlyMike for reppin in everything and having a nice ride there and back! Love yall cats!!!

Til the next one…


Majin: Yesh, no one posts here too much…we have another tourney on the 20th (this coming Saturday) at the old Game Galaxy…congrats again for winning both tourneys!


Majin still dominating in TN, good job!


FS - thanks man. You are in Brazil now? lol when did you move?


Fabricio moved many many months ago…SF4 was barely even out when he moved…


I moved out of US in April last year. Hopefully I’ll go to US for vacation at some point.


wow it’s been that long? Time surely does fly, Fab. Not really “dominating” here in TN, just winning. You aught to see your former fellow Nashvillians play SF4 now. They’ve gotten a whole lot better…


Yeah I definitely rarely think to post in the results threads. Good stuff to everyone that came out though.

Majin I know you aren’t too keen on SFIV, but what are the chances of us getting in some casuals next time we see each other? I haven’t been able to fight you in tourney since Funky Fighter and I am itching to test my skill against you again.


Chris - If you want, then I’ll play you in casuals. I hate to even look at SF4, but if I’m challenged, then I won’t back down lol. Just holla at me…same goes for everyone else.