Game Galaxy
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway #2005

SSF4 SINGLES = $3 entry, $3 cover (includes all day play)
SSF4 DOUBLES = $2 entry per person
Super Turbo = FREE ($20 cash to 1st)

12pm START SHARP for Super Street Fighter IV (XBox 360 + PS3)
2pm START SHARP for Super Street Fighter II Turbo ARCADE
3pm START SHARP for Super Street Fighter IV DOUBLES Tournament.

*Important info for out of towners, you will NOT have to play people from your area in the first few rounds UNLESS you are a REGULAR at the Game Galaxy RANBATS

Super Street Fighter IV singles - 2/3 rounds; 2/3 Games; Double elimination

Super Street Fighter IV teams - A vs. A, B vs. B, A vs. B if necessary; Double Elmination

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Arcade - 2/3 rounds, 1 game, Single Elimination
*Important Note for ST Arcade - The WINNER gets FREE ENTRY into the SBO qualifier tournament on TOP of the $20 prize and it will be a double elim tournament, so I highly suggest people here practice up because there still is no dominant person…Phil came in and won the first tournament, and Paul (random HDR player) came in and won the second but this next tournament will allow you into the SBO qualifier (saves you $30).

More information and an RSVP link can be found on our event page:

**Additional note, this tournament will be streamed LIVE via Stream URL and channel here:

OP updated with ST info.

Updated with stream info you FOOLS.

If you play tekken… ATL WILL COME!!!

If you play tekken… ATL WILL COME!!!

This is the tournament for saturday, July 3rd. Is it a problem that it’s such short notice? And I am almost certain we can do it for SBO on the 24th.

No Tekken on the 3rd…

Teams for SSF4 now starting at 5pm instead of 3pm due to money matches on the streams…expecting 30+ for SSF4, 20+ for ST.

Extra incentive to enter ST this weekend:
The winner of the ST arcade tournament on Saturday (this one coming up on the 3rd) not only gets free entry into one of the ST tourneys, but also gets free bye into SEMIFINALS of the winners brackets at SBO quals on the 24th…

Basically means you are in the top 5 of one of the tournaments for SBO giving you a GOOD chance of qualifying to Japan based on winning this tournament on the 3rd.

Hey I’m located in Nashville. I’m looking for any mentors in the area to give me a few pointers because I’m a noob. Please PM me. I picked up a few mentors elsewhere but they’re so far away that it lags pretty badly. Looking for someone local. Thanks!

jjohan: come to the tournament on Saturday. You’ll get all the help you need and meet the locals.

But I don’t want to play in the tournament because I know I’ll get my butt whipped EASILY. I can barely do a few combos. I have a PS3 btw.

Well, there should be time for casuals. Also, the players there should be able to answer any questions you’d have too.

jjohan: Yeah, you don’t have to play, just watch and see games in action, that’s how you LEARN.