NAT Settings PSN

I have all these ports opened, but still on yellow NAT. Any Idea?

[]TCP: 80, 443, 5223, 10070-10080
]UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658, 1007

Just type in to a search engine “PS3 DMZ” and use one of those guides. That will make sure your PS3 wont have any port issues.

The yellow color threw me off too, but I think that NAT Type 2 is completely normal. I think the only way to get NAT Type 1 is to have your PS3 directly connected to your broadband modem, without a router in the way.

Am I wrong? If so, I’d really like to know how to get Nat 1 as well. I did the DMZ thing tonight, so I’ll see if there’s some improvement soon.

Yeah my routers got the PS3’s IP set for DMZ as well and I get yellow NAT icon in 3SO. I think its fine.

Is it really necesssary to configure router ports for PSN and XBLA? I use a wired connection.

Not 100% in all cases, but a LOT of routers have issues with PS3 and certain games if you dont configure it.

Basically if your having problems, set up DMZ.

Although it kind of sucks, that makes sense, since the punch-though is taking that extra step.

I havent tried it w/o router (family needs it for the laptop) but I’m wired and DMZ and I’m yellow. Although I’m satisfied with the network performance I’d love to know if that’s the trick to getting green.

I was wondering about this.

I have NAT type 1 behind a router and a laptop as a wireless bridge.

I’m on 360 though.

as far as i can tell nat type 2 is fine, type 3 is when you should be concerned

I once had this issue with my nephews xbox. I found out the main cause of the problem was an unknown firewall. Basically their modem had a firewall, in addition to the external router.

I usually just DMZ host my xbox, to allow all traffic.

Yes, very much so. The 360 and PS both use specific ports to communicate over the internet. If you dont port forward, the machine has to spend time figuring out where the information is supposed to go, which causes more lag.

Just wondering. Would changing the NAT settings in options, from 2 actually make a difference?

I don’t get this.
My PS3 is in the DMZ, NAT is set to open. I still get the yellow NAT icon.
My 360 is connected to the same router. Not DMZ, but all required ports are forwarded. I get the green icon.

I thought NAT 2 was good for a wireless connection.

Why would you want to use anything but a wired connection?

Because running wire all across my house is a PITA.

It’s much better than having to endure random packet loss and ruining the game for everyone you play online…

I have red NAT in 3SO and PS3’s Network Settings say it’s NAT 3 even though I have all the required ports forwarded. I suspect all the NAT issues have to do with the UPNP setting on PS3; If you have it off, you’ll never get past NAT 3 and 2, even though you’d have all ports forwarded. DMZ on my shitty ass router doesn’t seem to work at all :xeye:

When you have a 3 year old whose sole purpose in the universe is mass destruction, the less wires and clutter in my house the better.

I’ve played wireless on my PS3 for years and rarely have issues.

I feel the pain. Routers are temperamental. I would recommend doing a hard reset or memory wipe on your router and start fresh again. That sometimes is the only way I can get it to work.

Generous application of a good ol fashioned whoopin will fix that.

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