NAT Settings PSN

I have the same issue but the difference is i dont have all ports forwarded on the 360 and i still get nat1. Both are on wifi btw…

I’m pretty sure the whole issue depends on your router. When I lived at my old apartment I had a router that wouldn’t forward ports even when you set them all correctly. Not even DMZ mode did anything. The router was just too strict to allow anything. I had to switch out to my old router and everything worked perfectly. Some routers are just broken garbage.

If you have NAT type 2(yellow NAT icon), you are fine. If people are having trouble getting NAT2 with ports opened, try restoring your router to factory defaults. This will make the router automatically update to the latest firmware, and then you open the ports again. It solved my problem with the ps3 being NAT3 with ports open.

NAT 1 & 2 = Fine.

NAT 3 = Not fine lol.

I know of people with NAT 2 who get the green icon.

The only problem i have personnaly is the ping when we are more than two in a room : the ping is unstable (yellow, red, green etc…), but not in 1vs1, you too ?

I just manually forward ports. I tried to put my 360 in the DMZ and it made no difference. The simplest solution is to make sure that UPnP is turned on at the router level. Xbox Live ports are 80, 88, 3074. Forward these on both TCP and UDP and make sure that UPnP is turned on and you shouldn’t need to use the DMZ at all.

Upnp = auto forward ports, so you don"t need to do this manually.

Exactly. I forward the main ports and if it needs something else, it will do it on it’s own.

*Edit: I like redundancy.

UPnP is a pretty shitty technology. Unless you have a very good firewall and other security, I wouldn’t suggest it. PS3 on DMZ is the easiest option one can take, providing their router isn’t as shitty as mine and it doesn’ wanna work.

On the subject of that, I got NAT 2 on my PS3 last night by putting my router on the NAT setting instead of NAPT. Too bad you can only get machine on the internet at a time with that, making it utterly pointless as I want to run my laptop and PS3 at the same time, and you can’t forward ports.

Word of advice: Don’t get a SpeedStream 5450.

I have an Asus RT-N16 loaded with Tomato 1.28 N Beta. Works perfectly and allows for a lot of customization. Tomato is great for gaming behind routers. A couple of settings and you’ll always have an ‘Open’ NAT.

I’m using DD-WRT on a Linksys WRT54G. Would switching over to Tomato firmware get me that Green NAT1 or should I not even bother?

Don’t bother. It’s a common misconception that you need NAT1, been around for a while now. NAT1 typically represents a direct routerless connection, but it doesn’t actually signify greater ability to connect in the vast majority of cases. NAT2 is the most normal NAT type you’ll find and you’re fine if you have it. If you can’t connect with NAT2 then there’s probably something wrong somewhere else in your setup. My router, for example, needs to be reset (power off/on) every 20 or so hours to let me play on ranked/etc for 3S. I get NAT2 before and after, but before I reset I can’t see player lobby pings and some people can’t join my lobbies along with ranked taking 5+ minutes to find an opponent. After a simple reset it connects in about 25 seconds on ranked and every lobby shows ping numbers for me.

Sometimes it’s other problems, too. A lot of routers try to incorporate features that help give you higher “quality” to your gaming/video streaming etc. Those tend to blow up other things. Some have wonky firewalls, etc. Others will freak out if you port forward to one computer while you’re DMZ’ing on another. Lots of junk crap that can go wrong. Some routers even try to check packets like 2x more often than they should, which causes unneccessary slowdown for gaming applications.

If NAT2 isn’t working for you I suggest resetting your router, then looking through router settings to make sure ports are forwarded or you’re DMZ’d. If it still doesn’t work you might want to consider trying a direct connect to your modem. If that does work, then it’s either a setting in your router you can change or it’s something hardbuilt into your router you can’t change. Look for wonky ass features that sound like they’re redundant or designed to improve router performance and consider toggling them off. If there’s nothing there it’s probably time to buy a new router or give up. Haha.

Niji knows. NAT1 is more a bade of honor than something tangible. It won’t speed up your connections or provide a more stable connection. I don’t think it will much (if any) impact on the group of people you can connect to, either.