Nate's personal thread - 4/24/2008 10pm?

Thursday i get off work roughly between 9:40pm and 10pm since im closing shop, anyone wanna game at my pad right when i get home?

14411 SE 15TH ST

good luck xtg.

i miss your mohawk.


you should see my hair now.

Anything going on tomorrow, Nate? I might not be near a phone. So if you wanna game, let me know when it’s cool to pop in.

I would be down for showing up a lot later tonight, but I don’t have any gear, so there wouldn’t be much gaming going on if it were just me.

Tomorrow sounds just dandy. I just have stuff to take care ofr in the morning and midmorning, 5PM sound good for all?

I will be over after 9 if that is cool. Are you planning on going late?

I wish i can go XTG…


9pm tonight or 9pm tomorrow? No job by the way, but im still hostin

Tommorow since that seems like when its happening.

yeah, tomorrow indeed :slight_smile:

I was gonna head down to GW tomorrow, buuuuut I’ll think I’ll show up to your place instead.

Wuz hoping for something during the day time. I have plans in the evening. Alas, hope to catch the next one.

If I don’t hang out with my bf after work, I think I’ll show up. Get off work 'round seven.

got an interview at where my mom used to work for a driver position, the interviewer sounded very excited to talk with me and that gives me confidence. its also just a few blocks from hom which is most excellent. Got a couple of other prospects as well, but this driving job and the cell phone sales job are what i have confidence in the most right now. Ill find out about the cell phone sales position before Noon tomorrow.

This is by far the longest post I have ever seen you make. Hopefully it all works out.

wel, i figured you guys care so i have no reason to share said job hunting progress and i know you guys would notice if i was being a lazy sack and call me out on it.

I’m lazy as fuck, and few have ever called me out on it.

Got done with meetings for today. If there are any games going on between now and 10PM or so, let me know where and what to bring.

converters, sticks, memory card, the essentials.

Um, I still don’t know where you live. I’ve been to your place when you lived with family back in September, but I’ve never been to the newer place. Actually, it’s getting close to my other obligations now, so I don’t think I want to trek out there for a scant hour or two of gaming. Guess I’ll have to wait for yet another day to check out the new digs.

Actually, Paul Lee called me in order to get a hold of you. He was going to be in Seattle for some errands, and he was look’n to game. Hope he got a hold of you.