National Capital Xmen Battle - Ottawa, ON - 24/05/08

Xmen is hot. Easy game to learn, hard game to master. Put your skills to the test.



Registration: 4PM
Games: 5PM SHARP

ARCAVE (Ottawa University Jock Turcot Basement)


Double Elim Bracket
2/3 games
semi’s 3/5
finals 4/7

Support: $1 donation


1st $70 BodyMind Wellness Studio gift certificate
2nd $20 Lonestar gift certificate
3rd Strawberry flavoured condom


yo when i win can i trade the cert for the condom?

you can talk to the condom winner and see if he’ll trade


err, you mean 17/05/08?

I might have to move this since Cave might be closed on the 17th. Apparently the 17th is a long weekend? If it is closed or if it’s more convenient for peeps I’ll run it on the 24th.

EDIT: yes.

Wish i could make it out, but its to sudden for me. Good luck to all the players, “cheers For chun players”

Good luck with this! Send the top 3 to EVO!

CBs already flying in
so khiem fly dee narith and I cuz one way or another that shit’s the result,
Ms Cleo said so

Is the $1 donation mandatory?

So I moved the date to the 24th since the 17th the arcade will be closed.

u scrubs should cancel this and come to C3 in the states. FREEEE.

contrary to popular belief this is going to be a mad hype tournament, it’s just that most of our players do not post on srk.

Please get vids. I want your topplayers vs US’ at EVO!

The showdown we’ve *all *been waiting for.


in quite offended of ottawa tournies, too much haze and bottles going around. dont get me started on the strippers

next time you decide to roll around one, you should actually compete.