National Capital Xmen Battle Results

1 RandomSuper_FTW^^ (Charlie/Storm; Chun/Gief; Juggs/Sim; random)
2 Aznretro (cyke/chun)
3 Middle Kingpin (wolvie/storm)
4 CB (mags/storm; wolverine/charlie)
5 1hitcombo (wolvie/storm), Contra (?)
7 Jreinert (wolvie/chun), Gwai Lo (wolvie/cyke)
9 Robert (wolvie/charlie), Thanh (wolvie/cyke), Me (cammy/ken), Mckenly (sim/charlie)
13 One and Only (rogue/wolverine), John Pnp (akuma/random), Dustin

Great tourney. Next tourney will be on emulator with PERFECT STICKS AND CONTROLS. Other than that ggs to all.