National Gaming League - Live Tournaments

Hey Guys,

I’m the co-founder of the NGL (National Gaming League) we are currently a console FPS league at the moment, but we hope to change that very soon.

We’re working on supporting competitive fighting games at our events, and I wanted to get started on the right path by posting here first. Obviously Shoryuken is the best community to reach out to when it comes these events so here is the NGL stepping out in good faith to get things started with your community.

I personally think that the fighting community is greatly evolved but a consistent league that supports fighting games is very much needed.

[]We do not have plans of taking down EVO of any other fighting game events. In fact we’ve reached out to EVO to partner-up and possibly do some EVO qualifiers.
]We want to hear from you on all aspects of live fighting game events. What is great, what sucks and should be done better, what titles do you want to see, where should we host the events, what should prize payouts look like, entry fee prices?
[]What is the preferred equipment, console, set-up, brackets.
]In short we want to try our best to make these events exactly what the fighting community is looking for.
Give us your opinions I want to make this happen, but I can’t get it right with out your input.
Post below with your suggestions.

Contact me:
Lance Alexander
Twitter: @NGLALEX

Sounds Beneficial for the FGC.

Also I realize that there is a "tournament section of the forum. But this isn’t technically a tournament announcement. But move this if necessary.