National Novel Writing Month Thread: We're Smarter, More Artistic, and Lazier Than You


So, I’m cognizant to the fact that a great percentage of SRK are incapable of the reading comprehension to process Cat in the Hat, but in GD, I’m sure that level goes up slightly.

Someone linked this on a forum I frequented in 2005 or 2006, and i had been tempted to partake then, but guess I was somehow too busy grinding PokerStars to make it happen.

Now, between classes at work, it seems like I have more spare time than I’d care to venture to guess, and while it may be pushing it, I think I could make a go at this.

Who else is in?


I tried and failed last year.
Willing to give it a go again this year!! :tup:


Sweet, glad I’m not alone!

I had actually forgotten about this thing since like 2006, but then one of my best friends posted he was doing it this year, then after saying my interest was re-piqued, he urged me to jump in.

Hat’s in the ring, let’s see what happens.

Shoot, even my wife, who thinks I don’t partition my time well enough, just encouraged me to do this, so with her blessing, I’m in there.


Tell me about the time management!

I’m currently writing a novel (Well kinda not, really, but I’ve continue to work on it off & on for the past year), a short story, DMing a campaign in the new Pen & Paper game system I designed from the ground up and designing the entire world and characters to be a clone of the One Piece universe (hand drawn maps, dungeon and monster designs, everything), taking two free courses online with Stanford University’s free class program - tough classes, Intro to Databases and Intro to AI (I’ll probably just drop the DB one. It’s free after all), and now trying to maintain a constant flow of something that one day might resemble a novel in 1 month. LOL This will be fun! :tup:


Currently writing my second novel in a trilogy.
A few things though, I personally am not a fan of NaNoWriMo but it’s good practice. Forcing yourself to write a novel in a month is good practice. Just don’t stop yourself afterwards from going back over and scrapping large parts.
Best advice I can give you is force yourself to write a certain number of words a day. 500, 1000, 1500. Whatever fits your schedule best. Even if it’s shit. Scrape it the next morning if it sucks. Just force yourself to put the time in.
I’m a terrible authority though considering I write when I should be listening in class and when I should’ve been working at the office.


(Ugh. November is so close already. This entire year was a complete bust, wasn’t it?)

I’m in again. I “finished” once, but I really didn’t like what I wrote at all and completely scrapped most of the ideas from it; well, I should say that I scrapped that version since the ideas I’ve had for it and still have I’ve had for the last…8 or so years. And then I think I outright failed the second time around when it was supposed to be a re-write of the above, though I liked most of what I wrote there; just didn’t get more than a third of the way through because I realized a rather significant problem that I have been able to answer for the past year or so.

So, this third time around, I’m probably going to try with another idea I’ve had for the past 2 or 3 years that should be easier to get through because it has both a villain protagonist (as opposed a goody-goody) and would, at most, be book 1 of 3 as opposed book 1 of 9. My only problem is that I currently have all this free-time not to do it and I’m already terrible at managing time.

Having done this before twice and read up on it more than that, I have to agree with Valaris. Forcing yourself to keep a schedule is key, otherwise you’ll basically going to kill yourself trying to type and finish it before the end of the month–I spent 23 hours that last day–or just lose steam entirely; I have problems with both of these things and, well, just forcing myself to write fiction in general for some reason despite not having writer’s blocks per se.

Also, it’s probably better to get a lot of it done during the first couple of weeks if you can just in case anything comes up, especially since the second and especially third weeks are utter bitches already. At least in the fourth/last week can you Deus Ex Machina (or [Insert Entity Type Here] Ex Machina) some type of ending if you really need to finish.


I did have something going, but it got lost on my old computer when it broke and I couldn’t fix it. Having to recover draft material from the confines of my brain gives me a headache.

If I can get enough pieces though, maybe I can put it back together and fill in the blanks in time for this.


I’m actually batting around ideas in my brain right now. I’ll look at some of the ideas on the NaNoWriMo forums too before the 1st, but I’m definitely hyped to do this.

I’ve got work, church meetings, and whatever my wife wants/needs me to do. But with her blessing, I think she’ll be a little more lax if she knows I’m working on this after she nudged me into it.

And I’m definitely going to edit the product of this post-November, I know my wife is wanting to read it already.


Time to write the legendary story of Bob the Wizard.


I still want Boel to finally put into writing his book “A Song of Dicks and Butts”.


besides forcing yourself to keep a schedule, you do know what the other solution to your problem is, right?


Questions for those with experience

What protection if any does this give you from someone stealing your ideas?
Has anyone ever published their work digitally (iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Nook, etc)

I’ve been planning a novel for a little while now. Mainly just getting down character concepts, settings, overall plot, etc. This seems like a great way to get the ball rolling on writing.

Random Tip: Once my old creative writing teacher had us write a short story, the hook being each sentence had to start with the next letter in the alphabet. First sentence had to start with A, next with B, then C, etc. It really helped me form more interesting sentences and also plan the flow of a paragraph better.


God this is me. I do my best writing when I’m bored and I was always most bored in class or at work or something. I also have a bad habit or startting too many damn projects. I have like 6 of them going right now. It’s terrible.


Next time you might want to keep a copy down in a notebook and backups on a flashdrive.


My main problem is I need activity around me. I can’t write when it’s quiet and calm so when I’m at home I need to put a bunch of movies on loop on my second monitor as to have noise and distractions around me.

FYI, if ever you decide to want to print yourself a copy of you book, I suggest Blurb. it cost me 10$ to get this:[ATTACH]143[/ATTACH]


I’ve done my best designs like that. As long as it’s movies I’ve already watched, I’m good to go.


Lol, that name. Nigga you sound like someone whose book I should be reading over in a french cafe.

I have been thinking about doing some writing myself but it’s so hard for me to stick to a genre since I have had so many ideas over the years and half done stories with way too many characters.


I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if that’s an insult or a compliment.


Me neither. What is your novel about homeslizzle?


It’s a detective story. I wrote it last year after I got heavy into James Patterson novels and the show Castle.