National Topless Day in Venice Beach, California

National Topless Day Venice Beach… Equality or Immorality? - CNN iReport

Some of them id tap, but euh the article is about Equality and stuff. so discuss or observe

which one of them would u tap? i hope u talking about the jewish girl only

WTF MAN. Warn me when the video is somewhat unsafe for work!!! :mad:

I’m thinking that the video had no partial nude shots at all. Guess I was wrong.

I’m sorry but “free the udders” was too good :rofl:

Also obligatory “lol srk standards”

yeah just the first girl, upon further review.

and euh the vid seemed work friendly…

I have been saying this shit for the longest time. If men can just prance around no shirt then women should be able to do it too.

Fight for equality!

Does that girl w/ pink wings & white skirt ever turn around…Fucking tease!

haha, I fully agree. :smiley:

i like your style man, good eyes. i was thinking the exact same thing. shes being photographed from the front a lot, so she must be hot. and she be shaking too, pics man, i need pics. might be the best looking girl there (unless its on some aphex twin shit).

I just think its funny that women arent considered topless if thier nips are covered up. silly Shit side boob, under boob, top boob will give me wood. I didnt look at that link but im sure I would do a majority of those women if I were single. I would fuck almost anything back in the day. Its true, some of my good friends can testify. Ive left the bar with some nasty lookin’ chicks. Give me some beer goggles and I just dont care.

lol that link aint got no nude shots in it it was for CNN dummy

theres niplles in it, lol. i got good eyes.

Well, I heard about it on the news a couple days ago and the women are/were wearing nipple stickers over thier nipples.

so that dont mean there are actually nipples rioghttt

Thats right…Thats why I said “its funny that women arent considered topless if thier nips are covered up” in my other post.

No, I dont really think its funny. I think its fuckin’ retarded. If chicks want to walk around with their tits out im all for it. But then them bitches better be ready for me to be walking around with a raging hard on all the time.

I heard about this shit on The Bob & Tom show as well the other night. Some broad was saying that the men that come out take pictures and get all excited but they get use to half naked chicks after about an hour and then its just like if they had a shirt on. Fuck that, I wouldnt be able to stop lookin at them titties or control my erection. Then some bitch would get offended because I got a boner and whatever. Bitches dont want to see some stiff then they better put them titties away.

i think them bitches like it when we walk around with a woody. they get gassed thinkin its for em.

WTF are you talking about? Do you have a desk job?

Nipples covered or not, people looking over my shoulder or walking past my desk can’t see that! If a chick’s tits are out you don’t know if the chick is nude or what…

I agree with this statement. Especially since one of my professors this semester is pretty hot and has huge tits. no idea how to get pics without looking weird.

i dunno mayne i dont consider that nude. thats like considering FHM or Maxim nude. i consider Playboy nude not FHM or Maxim