Native americans

Srk what’s your thoughts about them? Anyone ever meet one?

My mother is part First Nation

Native American always sounded weird to me, cuz I am canadian. Also, African American sounds weird to me. We need to rename them African North Americans, and Native North Americans

huh? what the random thread?

well let’s see… Many years ago I went to alkali lake on a missionary trip to the Esketemc First Nations people, where I did a bunch of volunteering, and converted a bunch of people to Christianity. I still remember my time there fondly. Great people, very warm, inviting and friendly. It was heartbreaking though because there were a lot of teen parents (far too many)… Alcoholism was an issue too, but many of the tribal elders had kicked the habit, which was great.

Grandma on dad’s side is half Seminole, turned her back on that heritage, and embraced the overly-religious, country black southern side. Without her backing, I can’t ever get closer to the pure/purer Seminoles cuz they’d think I was a pretender. Since grandma didn’t keep up with her geneology, to the world, she’s just another old black woman, albeit with nearly caucasian skin coloring and unusually fine hair for a black woman. Thanks, Grandma. We coulda gone tribal…shit, I could at LEAST have gotten a good job at the damn Hard Rock Casino.

Whoa. Had to double check the URL. Thought I had logged into stormfront for a second.

Aren’t you an atheist, now? And if so what caused you to drop christianity?

Anyway, staying on topic only native americans I ever met was a family that lived in our old neighborhood. Eventually they packed up and moved onto a reservation.

You don’t even know, brother.

lol yeah, I heard they get pretty bad outside of Ontario. Only one tribe near us (mind you they DO get violent)…no mass amounts of drunken squaws like in Manitoba or Quebec though.

God bless them for cheap ass smokes and gas though

anywho, like Chris Rock once pretty much said…blacks cant complain about life, Natives ended up getting it MUCH worse.

Although their reparations ended up being giant fucking casinos…well played

whoa dawg, i’m not trying to derail this thread with religion, i’m just trying to share the incredibly positive experience i had with the first nations people. i really dig how the natives are incredibly spiritual, without the bullcrap of organized religion, and are deeply reverent of nature. the elders of the tribe were awesome. talking to them just reminded me of native american mythology. i love reading about raven and coyote, those two are TOO GOOD.

and speaking of which, lol at odin’s post. i remember one drunk dude who was trying to start shit with me while I was going door to door preaching did have breath that reeked like listerine. haha. the next day he was sober and he looked embarrassed so it was all good.

i had such a great time there, that i even signed up for a native american studies course at school. unfortunately i dropped it because i began an internship elsewhere. if i could go back and undo that mistake, i would.

believe it or not i am friends with one

The fuck?

I’m a Native American. I work a 40-60 hour a week job and support myself fairly well, way to make a useless thread that will get a lot of racist remarks (Already has).

They were pretty savage from what I hear, just a couple steps back when it came to technology. But very spiritual.

They did that cool thing where they ripped out the guy’s heart in The Last of the Mohicans. So, they’re A-OK in my book.

I thought they were all dead.

Native American sounds wayyy too pc. It’s still kind of ironic and stupid that we’re still forcing the identity of “American” on them even though the concept of American didn’t exist then. It’s better to just use tribe names.

There have never been a group of people more screwed over than the Native Americans. That includes Africans.

First thing wrong with this thread: use of the word Native American. Technically Anthropologists were the ones to fuck it up and also work hard a fixing shit, but calling them Native American lumps them up in a way that makes no sense. Kinda like throwing around the word Hispanic like it some kind of catch all.

Second thing wrong with the thread. You’re either rolling with the tribe or your not. Not saying that there aren’t issues with people who are half anything, but if you are saying I’m a quarter this or that, it doesn’t mean shit to anybody and a good chunk of the tribes. It is more significantly more of a cultural association than it is a genetic one; unfortunately the laws are retarded and mostly designed to make sure that some of the tribes eventually become dissolved or have to commit incest to meet the criteria (for example, The Tiguas in El Paso and the 1/8 blood requirement for them technically means that they would have to start fucking cousins).

This has been your local anthropologist saying: thread is dumb.

Edit: “There have never been a group of people more screwed over than the Native Americans. That includes Africans.” This is correct in a lot of levels but currently mexicans give African Americans a very serious run for their money as second.

Well then I wish they were all like you.
Until any of you have ever lived in Alberta, you will never understand my hate.
And I only hate the bad ones. But unfortunately that’s 95% of them.

Semantics=superman vs. goku.

It isn’t a question of semantics. Are you fucking retarded? I would love for you to have the balls to call a Navajo “Hopi” and then have the guts to tell him its some semantics bullshit. They were all different people with different languages and religions. Native Americans is just the lazy way to address them.

True story. My 2010 Halloween costume:

-silver face paint around my mouth and nose
-paper bag
-bottle of rubbing alcohol

Native American on a reservation. Nobody got it, but I didn’t care.