Natural Born Gamers (Gaming Crew) (Looking for Members)


Natural Born Gamers is all about GAMING. I want to do all different kind of games for this gaming crew but for right now it will be Street Fighter 4. Check out the video for all the info. If you have any question please contact me.



I would be glad to join, im not in ma. but still glad. Also i didnt look into this all the way yet, since im kinda sleepy here in N.Y.


You should try spamming this message in ever sub forum at SRK. The mods really fucking like that.


What happened to “Straightedge Gamers”



lol I dont want to talk about it.


Maybe i will, thanks for the suggestion.

oo sorry about that i dident know where to post my thread so i thought put it up where it sounds right to be in but yea sorry for the multi threads


I dont have a web site yet and i have a forum but its for my tournaments but its on my friends gaming crew site. So just email if you are interested in joining.