Natural Selection - July 26th - Pittsburgh PA - SFIV, SCIV, BB, 3S, HDR

First thing - NO ONE UNDER 21 ALLOWED, sorry, it was either that, or have the tournament on Thursday, so I switched bars.
Location - 2132 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15203
Date - July 26th
Time - Registration starts a 12 and goes until 1:50. Tournament starts at 2:00 and goes until 7, you can get there as early as you want to get some casuals in.
Entry Fee - $10 (SFIV) $10 (BlazBlue) $5 (Soul Calibur IV) $5 (3rd Strike) $5 (HDR)

$5 Knocked off of the entry fee if you are one of the first 7 people to bring in a PS3 with all of the characters unlocked. I’ll place $5 of my own back into the pot to cover what you save. This only applies until we have a console for every TV. We will also need PS2s for 3rd Strike.

Payout - 70/20/5 1st/2nd/3rd. The other 5% goes to me, the person in 3rd does get some T-shirts from GameStop though. Everyone past 3rd will get a shirt until I run out, so, try to finish well.
Console - PS3/PS2
Controllers - BYOC. Sticks, Fightpads, DualShock 3s, NES Joysticks, Pong Paddles. If you have an adapter that will make it work, I’ll allow it.

Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, SCIV, 3rd Strike, HD Remix



Format: Tournament Structure:Double Elimination. Tentatively 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 3/5 Games in the Finals Double Elimination, 99 Seconds, No Handicap
Console: Playstation 3
Rules: If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.


  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Sets consist of 2/3 Matches in the preliminary rounds
  • Sets consist of 3/5 Matches in the semi final rounds
  • Sets consist of 4/7 Matches in the grand final round
  • Matches consist of 2/3 Rounds in all sets
  • Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
  • Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
  • BANNED: Unlimited Mode Characters
  • BANNED: Easy Specials


Format: Evo Standard Format, Double Elimination, 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 60 Seconds, 100% Soul Gauge/Health
Console: Playstation 3
Rules: If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
There will be no customizing colors, names or items at any time before or during a tournament match. You can use the custom colors already on the console.
Bonus characters are not allowed in tournament play.
Version: 1.03


Format: Evo Standard Format, Double Elimination, Speed 3, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, Remixed Mode.
Console: Playstation 3
Rules: Akuma is not allowed in tournament play. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
Version: 1.10


Gill is banned
Double Elimination
2/3 Matches and 2/3 Rounds
Console: PS2 or PS3

Anything else can be found here, since I was going to use double blind picking, and such.

A Pittsburgh tourney finally???

If I wasn’t already busy that day I would come and help out if needed. I hope this goes well for you guys and I’ll try to make the next one you have.

Also I’d suggest putting a couple games in the title so people know what’s up. I thought it was just gonna be an SFIV tourney but was happy to see the new stuff + 3s added, good moves.

I can’t seem to edit the thread title, or I would add the games to the title. Yeah, if this goes well, I’ll have more, so you’ll be able to get to one eventually.

You should get a mod to throw in the games into the title and “IF YOU AINT GOIN TO EVO GO HERE!” so it’s more than just Jake and TJ beating on people :razz:

bro its evo weekend…i think u should re think the date

I know it’s EVO Weekend, not everyone can get out to EVO, plus, I can have more, so, it’s not like it matters.

Throw in SC4, maybe Tyrell will come back and the guys can convince Buffalo to come to us.

you should probably ban Gill from 3s

just sayin

DUDE a tourney finally in pittsburgh and i cant go cuz imonly 18 what the hell… T_T

Swoll Faced

Moved it back another week, hopefully that’s for the better.

TJ: Banning Gill from 3S is just one of those, “You’re supposed to read it being there, but I don’t have to type it” kind of things.

OK, cool – I should be able to get a couple Clevelanders to come. If you wanted help running anything I can do that, and I can bring a TV + systems + all the tourney games besides KoF

Any way we can have at least a $5 SF:HD tourney? That would help in getting one of my friends to come.

Oh, you should update the first post with the new date too, man

I am that friend lol, HDr please! :slight_smile:

HDR re-added, SCIV knocked down to $5. Another update, everyone who finishes 3rd place or lower will recieve a T-Shirt from GameStop until I run out.

New sub-rule: I’ll only hold a tournament for a game if we get 10 people to show up for it.

so who is coming

For an under-10 game, you could always round robin, 1st + 2nd place get paid

finally a tournament in Pittsburgh - definitely will be there

  • Nam Khuu

I’ll be there


SFIV, my bad on that one. I’m just going to go EVO rules for each of the games, makes things nice and standardized.