Natural Selection - Pittsburgh PA - 7-26-09



The only game played

Street Fighter IV

I’m certainly disappointed with the turn out, even though, yes, I should’ve expected that on a Sunday. I’ll have a better place than that next time, oh, and congrats to Jug and Nam on a very entertaining finals. That was recorded, right? When can we expect that uploaded?


grats to Jug aka guyofkaillera on here for reppin Buffalo with his Gouken. Also props to that random Honda that was solid as hell and no one klnew, hopefully he continues to play you guys.

cha cha


Pretty small but fun tourney, great matches all around.

Jake, whooo boy, that was close as hell, super great to play you and see you again.

TJ and Nam, thanks for showing me how much I need to learn haha. That Ryu is nasty, and Honda…too good.

Dan/viper player - lol i know you don’t post here, but ggs sir. Turns out I’m not familiar with even my own character lol.

Buffalo crew - you all owe me with your lives for saving yours:cool:


ggs everyone

congrats go jug on the win

i need more gouken experience, so we need to play online a bit.


TJ he only has xbox live. lol