Nature Documentaries

I’m on a real big Nature Documentary kick lately. I’m looking for recommendations for films that I can just stream online. Here is my contribution:

Lions of Darkness

I watched this 2008 lion documentary about a week ago. How quick and swiftly death come upon these mighty animals was always humbling to me. It’s a really good watch if you love animals and have an hour to kill. The old lion really got me.

The best was when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii and they always had these IMAX theaters for really cheap showing nature shit. Especially helicopter tours of around the island. Awesome grade school field trips. Planet Earth was awesome tooooo.

You grew up in Hawaii?.. that sound really great.

It’s give and take, between all the hippies, samoans, and spiders. you live deep enough in the jungle (like around puna or some shit) and life is basically just a never ending string of ‘‘shit breaking’’. Generator, radiator, catchment tank, jesus christ.

@Las Vegas Pimp, what island you from braddah

ps: @ thread, lets get some underwater shit going here too. Been in the mood for looking at all the weird little motherfkkkers that live around coral reefs and such like.

None of that clicked on my head. For example, what’s wrong with Samoans? What type of spiders? Did you mean Puma when you said Puna? And about shit breaking, shit breaks everywhere, is there a special reason everything is breaking? Cause right as I see the snow outside my window… all that doesn’t sound like a deal breaker for Hawaii.

I’m not here to bust up your wild rosy fantasies of living in IRL green hill zone?? Deal breaker, what am I a fkkkkn Realtor.

Puna is kind of like a county or parish on the big island of Hawaii, it’s covered in jungle and kind of rural. Lots of areas are off the grid (no power cables/telephone wires, etc) so lots of houses in poorer parts of Hawaii run on honda generators or solar panels. You’re also in the jungle and by the ocean, so the weather and salt air tends to degrade things relatively quickly.

None of what I said is saying ‘‘don’t go there’’, but it’s substantially different from most everywhere else and takes a big adjustment to get used to.

Ps: what’s wrong with samoans? Nothin’, they just like to build rock walls and eat haoles.

edit: when i say the jungle i really mean the jungle, have some photos-

The first one is inside my grandparent’s house, the second is right outside their front deck


Thanks for the info, your grand rents house looks wicked.

this is a bonus photo from the top of the highest mountain in hawaii, we’re pretty high up above the cloud layer here and jesus if it wasn’t one of the most exhaustive things I’ve ever done. We’re actually even up above the astronomy observatories too.

i like video about prairie land, trees, mountain, lake and hills. anyone know any?

“You shall not pass!” - Magneto

I saw a thing on the animals living really deep in the ocean where there is no light a year or two ago. It was new back then, some camera was lowered down and it was like a straight up light show down there with crazy patterns. Was on youtube… anyone know what I’m talking about?

sounds good. Will have to peep this.

As others have said, those deep underwater documentaries are pretty awesome.