NAUSB on top or below - thoughts?

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a new custom stick. The outside will be covered in leather (well, not really, it’s some plastic lookalike) like some of the sticks bencao showed on his blog and I would like the sides to be as clean as possible.

I thought about drilling the hole for the NAUSB connector either on top of the stick or at the bottom. It would leave the sides and backside of the case untouched, but on the other hand, it might look a little bit ugly. At the bottom, I would drill a centered hole (so the cable doesnt interfere with my legs when I play with the stick on my lap) and add some feets for the additional space when it’s put on a table.

What do you guys think? Did anyone already try what I’m about to do?

Top, so you cab rest it on a table if need be. Even with feet, you risk bending the cable too much.

Alternatively, you can stick the NAUSB on the bottom, put some feet on the casing, and use a USB cable with a right-angle connector like these:

You’d probably want something longer than the 3-foot cable in the link above, though. :smiley:

thanks for your help, but I’ve decided to put the plug on the back of the case, just as usual. Everything else would just be awkward :slight_smile: