Naysayism 2.0 - "Basic Remy"

Check it out… I think Thongboy will be proud, lol… I’m going to add so much more to it later on.

Really nice for Basic players.

You should mention that Remy players should mix that shit up.

Also, the corner juggles with the EX CBKs can be ended with an EX RRF as well (I don’t think you mention that).

Also, close HP works well on cross-over attempts by certain fireball throwing characters.

You didn’t mention this combo either (shame!), cr. mp xx low lov, hit confirm, then SAI or SAII (SAII depends on distance, so be careful). Also, mix up game with EX lovs.

If in the corner, cr. mp, low lov, cr. lk, SAI/SAII.

For players with nimble fingers, jump-in hp, cr. hp, cbk, rrf <-- this combo is a bif iffy/requires extremely good timing. Looking forward to the evolution of this basic list.

More to add -

From far away, lk lov, dash (# depends on distance), low mk <-- the mk is usually eaten

As a mix-up, just walk up to them, and close mp, priority is good enough that they’ll eat it, follow it with any combo if charge is stored.

I did it like in a couple of minutes from the top of my head… Chill out.

Man, think about it… I could of went on for hours for all possiable combos.

I’m pretty chilled man, just said that cause I thought maybe ya wanted to add something, and these boards have been pretty dead, and more people should use Remy > : o