NBA Jam is making a comeback...again

Bad decision!

Damn missed the Wii only part at first, that wont fly on just the Wiimote, better go get some Classic controllers now :bluu:

Meh, give me Charles Barkley Shut up and Jam Gaiden ch 2 and we’ll talk. :coffee:

New NBA Jam should have both Barkley AND Godzilla as playable.

Also Giant Head mode.

THis man needs a Raise

NBA Jam is fucking awesome, "Patrick Chewing goes for the dunk, ahhh, BoomShakalaka!!!"Breaks rim into pieces. Good times, good times.

During the summer we’d have friends over and tournament that shit, four players on one keyboard!

And the PC version would install the whole damn game so you didn’t need the CD to play.

ps. Fucking Wii exclusive.

They’ve got a lot on their plate if they expect to hang alongside the “Street” series of games.

I mean look at this. [media=youtube]tjuwG1AkyW0[/media]

Iuzzolino shoots! OHHHH REJECTED!

Man, I remember playing the original NBA Jam in the arcade, and when halftime came around, the game suddenly showed up the continue screen (even when I was winning the game)! That was some bullshit! :mad:

But when the game came out for the SNES…holy shit! Hook me up with dat crack, baby! :smokin:

I hope it also has insane secret characters like previous versions. :pleased:

niggas can’t handle me on nba street, i only wish that i had a korean ID so i could beast on the little kids at the pc bang in that shit.

E. A. Sports

It’s in the game!

This. OMFG, this game was like sucking wang to play in arcades. $0.50 per play in my arcade, and each play only lasted a half. Most games were hardly even $.50 back them anyway in my area, so I can’t imagine what it was like elsewhere.

Yeah, it was a ripoff. The console versions was where it got serious.

Wii only? Lemme guess MotionPlus is going to be all over this?


This is awesome to hear, sports games like this were awesome back in the day, or at least I thought so. I miss that zany arcadey feel a lot of them had to it.

All of the Jam games, the Tecmo Super [insert sport here] games… heck even the Looney Toons basketball game… yeah, that’s where it was at way back when, lol. I miss that kind of stuff.

Too bad it’s Wii… I have so many fond memories of this game. Hopefully they won’t butcher it, but I have a feeling that tells me that they will fuck things up. If it does end up being good, I’m hoping for a port to other consoles. NBA Jam would be the shit on XBox Live.


Maaaan, I wish I had one of the ultra rare cabinets that have Jordan and Payton on them. And I remember I loved Boston, because they had Dominque Wilkins, and they gave him great treatment(Having stats from his prime, not when he was washed up).

Daaaayum I remember this shit back in the day on SNES. I was going to the video store to rent a game with my friend, it was during summer on a friday night, the beggining of the weekend, we had our bikes and a WHOLE 10 $ to rent 2 games, buy drinks and snacks. My friend was like: “Yo, NBA JAM, apparently you can play with Bill Clinton and a Werewolf!” So we rented that shit and Killer Instinct and spent the whole night playing em.

Man… those were some amazing moments.

i bet this new one is only going to taint the legacy that was old school NBA jam. They just need to release TE on XBLA and PSN and call it a day.

I used to go ape shit on NBA Jam with Kemp and Shcrempf for Seattle, but now Seattle does not have a team so I will not buyt it.