NBA Jam TE matches at shilo


NBA Jam TE games at shilo

Anyone want to get some games? I have an xbox with mame so we won’t be stuck playing the snes version.


NBA Jam TE games at shilo

yo i got a friend who is down to play money matches in nba jam (preferrebly hang time).

R u GAMe?!?


OMMGGGGGG, your serious


ps.good way to add variaty at evo


lol, evo = no holds barred.

I dont care if you play bubble bobble, that shit will be played for money.



Im down NBA jam 1$ per point whos game


2v2 NBA Showtime

Hells yeah


This is getting out of hand…


how so? SRK devoted another room this evo meant for gamers to set up their own stuff right? if they wanna throw down money matches in some jam session let em do so.


i’ll play as long as goaltending on purpose to get on fire is banned cause then game turns into non stop goaltending and becomes broken


True that rigsley

I need a partner for this anyone?:slight_smile:


Yo flash metroid Im down for this ahha, I’ll play anyone in Blades of Steel too ahah


I’ve never played hangtime, I guess I could learn it though.But yeah, goaltending is definetly banned.


sounds like fun! i’m jealous I never get any good Jam//showtime action around here



can I play the gorrila? and bill clinton
Cause if so Gorrillas got Power Offense!
Add Bill will be shootin’ those threes from deep all day long.
Watch out those white guys from arkansas got SKILLZ.


NBA Jam. Pfff

What yall know about FUSION FRENZY?

I’ll play yall in Twisted System for money. Jump/Duck homie.


arg both hang time and te run like shit in mame… unless someone has the board we’ll be playing it on snes.