NBC on PS2 in japan this winter!

confirmed on the official site for a winter (dec-feb) release on PS2 in japan => link

i dont know about anyone else but this makes me VERY VERY happy!


Seems itll be playable at TGS already.

OMG! :wow: This is very good news for fans.

BAd news for me i dont have a PS2 :sad: god dammit i fell like kicking myself now ( I have 2 broken Ps2 already)

Will this come out for XBOX, please i pray to God that this will make it to XBOX, seeing as how i just bought one and all this XBOX360 crap… i am worried that i will not see this games on the current XBOX system :sad:

By the way i just got a chance to play the Japanese XBOX version of KOF2003 and SNK/Playmore did a wonderful job, me likes very much.

xbox live port plz.


Awesome beyond belief.

I just popped a massive boner.

… Figuratively speaking.

I’m soooooo importing it… :clap:

Any chance of this coming to U.S. Xbox, or will I have to buy a japanese PS2?

takes a deep breath Ah, it’s good to be a primarily non-capcom PS2 player with importing capabilities.

This is great news!! unlike unconfirmed SF4 crap.

Aleast SNK havent let me down yet, up yours capcom! snk made you tap out lol.

I hate SCEA so much…

Well, time to mod my PS2!


I want a US version so i can read the story

Yes~~~~ Good thing I’ve already got hdloader >;~)

What’s NBC? :confused:

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

mate lets not turn this into capcom vs snk.

[broken record]its about good games[/broken record]

This is great news. Also:

I fucking called it :slight_smile:

Good shit, this is a game I actually want to play and I would never get a chance otherwise.

You think it’ll be good enough for tournies or a possible game to host at the next evo?

Wow, I was thinking on having to wait at least a year for a PS2 port, but winter huh…best news I’ve heard lately…

And I’m glad I don’t have to worry about waiting for a US version.

Still gotta wait till winter tho…=/