NC Biweekly Tournament: R1 - 05.19.07 - Official Results

Major thanks to everyone for coming out from SC and VA/MD, and to the numerous people helped with brackets, tvs, systems, games, etc. Thank you all. I am apparently the master of second place. :sweat:

RANKING BATTLE POINTS: Points will be tallied on the R2 results thread.
1st: 10
2nd: 7
3rd: 5
4th: 3
5th: 1

RESULTS: 42 total entrants


  1. Steve Harrison
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Edmondantes
  4. Jose Hernandez
  5. Lucious Clayton / Brandon Swett


  1. Isaac Graham
  2. Eric V.
  3. Brandon Swett
  4. Thraa
  5. Shawn Banks / George


  1. Steve Harrison
  2. Blake Mansour
  3. Brent Taylor
  4. Matt Frank
  5. Cameron Watson / Alex Roski


  1. Steve Harrison
  2. Havoc
  3. Lucious Clayton
  4. Alex Roski
  5. PVFP / Niwa-Pete


  1. John Rothgeb
  2. Aaron Brooks
  3. Jeff J
  4. Steve Harrison
  5. Shiki / Matt Frank


  1. Lucious Clayton
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Steve Harrison
  4. Blake Mansour
  5. Beatface / Shiki


  1. Matt Frank
  2. Angus Styles
  3. John Rothgeb
  4. Aaron Brooks
  5. Shinra


  1. Blake Mansour
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Angus Styles
  4. Beatface
  5. Austin Wright


  1. Lucious Clayton
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Phillip Haith (Blake Mansour)
  4. Brent Taylor
  5. Shiki / Beatface
  6. Jose Hernandez / Jose Hernandez
  7. Eddie Wiggins / Steve Harrison

-NGBC had way too much drama. Isaac Graham and I made a deal, so he signed up. First match in winners bracket Isaac gets scared and wants Jose to sub for him, but Jose is already signed up. It is allowed. Jose now has two spots. Through the coaching and simultaneous tutelage from 2 of the 3 WORLD NGBC S Class, Jose used his two spots to tear through the bracket with a vengeance. We taught him how to roll, how to throw, etc. I won a match in arcade mode and Jose even KEEPS my team, and proceeds to WIN the next match. Jose creates a number of nail biters before being knocked out in losers by Beatface and Shiki, previously losing to both Brent Taylor and Blake Mansour in the Winners Bracket. In Losers Semi-Finals, Blake suddenly decides he wants to quit, leaving a spot open for the remaining 3rd of the WORLD NGBC S Class - Phillip Haith. It is allowed. Phillip Haith makes it to Lucious Clayton, but can’t quite get the win in Losers Finals, and then Lucious comes back from the losers bracket and damn near sweeps Alex Roski 2 sets to take the title. NGBC TOO GOOD PLAY IT HYPE~~!!!@!

Good shit Steve. Congrats man. Really appreciate you guys making the trip. Congrats to all the placers (some pleasant surprises), and I’ll hopefully see everyone again in two weeks. Constructive criticism/suggestions/whatever is appreciated. With so many TVs it really shouldn’t of taken so long, and I apologize for that. I spread myself way too thin I think, and I’m going to enter less next time. We’re also throwing around some ideas as how to run it faster. What I think we’ll probably do is to have about 70% of the TVs for tournament, running one game at a time, and then have the remaining 30% for casuals the whole time.

NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 2 - 06.02.07 - THREAD HERE

Great stuff…I won’t stop until I’m right under the Triad in NGBC and KOF XI!

:lovin: :lovin:

I vowed never to come back to a NC tournament after the Gamefrog I went to last September, but this shit was dope. A little slow, but no slower than what I’m used to. Good shit to Roski for running things smoothly.

Good shit to any and all CvS2 players. Keep playing. That game is too good.

Good shit to all the placers in every game.

Damn though. I’ve never seen Steve play so well. He always has Sharingan activated, but he elevated that shit on Saturday.

MD/VA will definitely be down again in some form.

Does the winner of the Ranbat season get anything? If so, I might come down a few times, and leave Steve’s ass at home.

I should have had 3rd in coliseum. Bah Blake with Phil assist :wasted:

Most improved in GG definitely goes to Cameron. I told you you’d make 5th and you did! Get your brother to play next time.

Havoc is a beast in CvS2.

Never encountered such a good Iori in person…totally took me off-guard…good show sir. I’ll stop scrubbing out in CvS2 one of these days…but what was up with only 8 CvS2 entrants?
Does no one play the game in NC anymore???

Too much fun at this tourney. I’m pretty sure everyone won their bets against me, BUT I BEAT GOD IN 3S <3. Good shit to focus steve winning everything, shaun/thraa for raping grego, eric v for having the best tags in the world, and brandon for becomming new best in charlotte in marvel. See u nooblets at ecc

Thanks man. I wanted to play more CvS2 casuals after the tournament, but the game went away :sad:

Oh well. You guys should come up to C3 and level up.

What are the CvS2 numbers usually like around NC?

EDIT- The Iori OCV was completely fueled by IFG.

I could have sworn I already posted in this thread, maybe I was too wonked out last night.

Anyway, GS to everyone at this tournament, see you guys at the next one. Only 10 more days until AC!

Uh…what’s C3?

C3 is where we have our tournaments in VA. Always hype.

Next one is June 16, or something like that. Whichever Saturday falls in the teens.

What’s C3? You need to call somebody!!!

Wait…Hav already answered…

where you lose your clothes, money, and friend chicken.


CajunStrike - Well so far regarding getting SC3 to the next bi-weekly, (from the NC forums) I have.

  1. Xiomar AKA Q.GrayFox
  2. longshot
  3. Ceron

I know #6 plays so I can probly get him to sign up (so that’s 4), and at the tournament when I was talkin to Steven Harrison he said he’d sign up cuz he plays Calibur as well (that makes 5) is he comin to ALL the Bi-Weekly’s? Ceron himself put up a $100 bonus out his own pocket to anyone from VA that can beat NC and take 1st in SC3.

The rest of NC calibur players either haven’t posted shit yet or have “retired” or switched to VF5 (wherever the VF5 community is in NC…I dunno). So right now I only have 3 confirmed, 2 problies and can probly pull some VA folks but they said June 2nd wasn’t good so they’ll hopefully show to Round 3 of the bi-weeklys on the 16th of June.

most accurate description ever:wonder:

props to roski for throwing this shit, had lots of fun, the venue is pretty chill, wish we had some fans and more circulation in the room I felt like i was gonna explode, I left my copy of crack over there in the DC whoever has it don’t get too addicted:wgrin:

im goin for 2nd next round or 1rst if isaac doesnt show:lovin:

p.s. brandon owns me, MMs next time whore!

im taking you on the tyra banks show for your WoW addiction…

Dude see the weekend NGBC has all the drama I aint there wtf???

HAHAHAh I tied for 6th with Myself!

Thanks again Roski for running another amazing tourney. So far you have a perfect record when it comes to running these things, I look forward to the next one.

I will definetly sign up for NGBC and KOFXI from here on out, games are too much fun.

P.S. sorry i had to leave so quickly afterwards, i had a Halo 3 addiction that i needed to fix. I promise i’ll eat with you guys afterwards.


Shit i had fun…Bout damn time i went to a tourny and saw some real comp around those snk game…sadly i have to practice alot now to get back in the groovvvvvvvvvvvvvve but hey i had hella fun. It was kool to meet cajun and the rest of the group good shit folks.:wonder::rofl::arazz::sweat: Random 3s matches between be and gray fox…------> supers not working etc etc but good shit tho

I will go next tournament