NC Biweekly Tournament: R2 - 06.2.07 - Results!

Much appreciation to everyone who showed up and especially to those who brought stuff, ran brackets, etc. Good matches everyone! Slash was canceled because nobody signed up since everyone wanted AC.

52 total entrants! HYPEEEEEEEEE!


  1. Alex Roski [17]
  2. Jose Hernandez [10]
  3. Brandon Swett (forfeit to Jose) [6]
  4. Edmondantes [8]
  5. Ecko [1] / Jordan [1]


  1. Isaac Graham [20]
  2. Shawn Banks [8]
  3. Brandon Swett [10]
  4. George Alvarez [4]
  5. Thraa [4] / Jose Hernandez [1]

CVS2…with 17 entrants! :wgrin:

  1. Shaun Cosby [10]
  2. Jimmy Greer [7]
  3. Peter Hou [6]
  4. Kevin Michaels [3]
  5. Panther NeoGeo [1] / Alex Roski [4]

T5 Dark Resurrection

  1. Jeremy Gowan [10]
  2. Kasht [7]
  3. Chad Regan [5]
  4. Demorris [3]
  5. Travis Jones [1] / Kevin Huang [1]

GGXX Accent Core**

  1. Blake Mansour [17]
  2. Alex Roski [8]
  3. Charles [5]
  4. Garrett [3]
  5. Austin Wright [1] / Shaun Cosby [1]

-For the ranbat points, the Slash totals will carry over to Accent Core.


  1. Alex Roski [12] / Phillip Haith [8] (split)
  2. Blake Mansour [9]
  3. Orochi [3]
  4. Jorge Rivera [1] / Jose Hernandez [1]

-For the ranbat points, Phil and I will split 10, and Phil and Blake from last tournament will split 5 points with 3 and 2 respectively, since Phil went one match farther.


  1. Alex Roski [17]
  2. Phillip Haith [7]
  3. Blake Mansour [8]
  4. Shiki [4]
  5. Demorris [1] / Jorge Rivera [1]

Hokuto No Ken

  1. Blake Mansour [20]
  2. Alex Roski [14]
  3. Orochi [5]
  4. Shaun Cosby [3]
  5. Angus Styles [1] / Ali [1]

Virtua Fighter 5

  1. Charles [10]
  2. Chaz [7]
  3. Demorris [5]
  4. Neo Soldier [3]
  5. Panther NeoGeo [1] / Quinton Gray [1]

Vampire Savior - Single Elimination, free entry to win Shiki’s $5.

  1. Peter Hou
  2. Shiki
  3. Quinton Gray / Nick F.
  4. Darklight / Demorris / Jorge Rivera / Tony Majors

Soul Calibur 3
-I don’t have the brackets, but I believe it was Longshot, and then Ceron in 2nd. Everything else I don’t know.

Blake, our match was TOO HYPE! Good shit man - congrats. See everyone in 2 weeks. The next tournament thread will be up later tonight. GET YO POINTS UP!

I’ll be coming for those points in 2 weeks.

:tup: Good job on getting 1st Alex… dood!

Man I had so much fun at this thing. Im so ready to do it again in two weeks. Hopefully I will be able to make it. I had absolutely no problem running the DR (with help) and VF5 tournaments. Sadly I may have to do one of them earlier on in the day given the fact that I seem to be the only available PS3. I didnt expect VF5 to get such a huge following (almost 25 players) and I am thinking that if there is enough interest it can possibly become a minor $5 tournament. I have no qualm with that b/c I think people are seeing that its not that much different from EVO which nobody who owns a PS2 shouldnt have in their collection!!! I will also probably be fronting MY OWN MONEY to get sticks to play the PS3 with OR buying some of those good convertors so people can use their own sticks. While I understand that the core of these bi-weeklies are to support the massive 2D scene, I would like to reqest that at the next one we could have at least TWO televisions set aside, one for the PS3 to run DR/VF5 on and another for SC3 casuals/possible tourny if needed. That was another reason it took so long to get things going was b/c we had to beg to steal one of the FOUR televisions running AC and only ended up getting a television AFTER CVS2 got started. I will also say that SFA3 definitely needs to make a return, even if its free or a minor. I dont know how many entrants there were in KoFXI, but I know I will be entering that from now on b/c I didnt expect to do as well as I did given I havent touched that game in MONTHS. Im still gonna take Lu up on that $50 bet. Vampire Savior was also quite enjoyable ALTHOUGH it shouldnt be 3 of 5 rounds, too many matches ended in time over and it only made turtle play more prevalent. Im not trying to take over or say things were run bad b/c IMHO once things got going it ran SUPER SMOOTH, just making a few suggestions on how things could be run even SMOOTHER, as always I will do whatever and bring whatever it takes to assist in making these gatherings a success. Just let me know.

Im also still on the hunt for someone to make me a stick and an AV for this site lol.


I second that, and I appreciate you putting your neck out for this one, and for supporting the NC DR scene almost completely on your back.

Also, I’ll ask Big if he can bring his PS3 next time. He’s got DR so that’ll help.

And about the converter thing, that’ll be very generous, but at the same time, I would encourage everyone to get their own. Its very inexpensive, very effective, and is a worthwhile investment. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to spend the money have have them go missing. You’re already putting your $600+ system on the line.

Overall this tourny ran very smoothly. I’ve got no complaints, though I will admit that the venue was kinda hard to find at first, which could easily be solved with more detailed directions. I also got to see what characters I need to become more familiar with, b/c that totally screwed me up in DR (that’s on me though, nobody to blame but myself).

Can’t wait to learn some VF5 though.

SC3 results (11 entires):

  1. longshot
  2. Ceron
  3. Raiden
  4. Basic
  5. Xiomar AKA Q.GrayFox

I should have full results soon on the SC boards (I’ll post a link when I do). Next SC3 tournie is gonna be for money ($5 entry).

P.S. for those that don’t know:
Quinton Gray = Q.GrayFox

Another excellent tourney. These bi-weeklies are too beastly. Lucky’s is an EXCELLENT venue, with a gajillion TVs and a very friendly and helpful staff.

Let’s see:

Of course, there’s the thanks.

–First of all, MAJOR thanx to everyone who signed up for VF5 and Vampire. It was great seeing some fresh match-ups and new life in our community. Again, I can’t believe how good you guys were at Vampire…about 90% of the matches were close to the FUCKING WIRE (Demorris and GrayFox even had a draw game).
Peter EARNED my $5 from me, although the match was dead even until the very end. I’m not going to let anyone take my $5 in Vampire NEXT time. Great stuff, Peter.

–Having qualifying pools for VF5 a la EVO World was a good idea. I was happy to have qualified but then as soon as I made it, like an idiot I forgot everything important I learned from VF4Evo…GGs all. VF5 is the 3-D game of the future and I hope Namco takes notes from it when they’re making Tekken 6. (Oh, who am I kidding…of course they will. Tekken rips off EVERYBODY)

–I’m mad at myself for scrubbing out at NGBC. That game takes so much more skill and patience than KOF XI, which I forget, which I guess is why I keep losing in that game. It’s been 4 weeks, and Play-Asia STILL hasn’t sent me my copy, but once I get it getting better in NGBC is my priority one.
GGs especially to DeMorris and Jorge…also thanx to Isaac F. Graham and Jose for making the tournament most interesting to watch.

–GG Accent Core is the 2-D game of the future, that’s what I believe. Too bad I don’t have a clue how to play it. :sweat: I guess I’m too old-school to understand how a jump-in attack can bounce somebody off the wall and then launch them into 28-hit double-jump air combo.
When did they make Baiken, of all people, so GOOD?

–I don’t think I’ll ever understand HnK. Is Kenshiro a pedophile or something? Is Mr. Heart really Karnov? Is half the cast gay??? Why does the announcer sounds like he has the flu?

–CvS2 was great, too. Glad to see people haven’t forgotten about that game. I worry, sometimes. I’m sorry Panther, I’ll work on Athena…:sweat:

–More thanks to Majors and Dub for setting up systems and helping me with Vampire especially.

–Thanks to Jordan for being cool and nice to talk to as usual.

–Thanks to Roski for an excellent tournament…

–Also good talking to German, Panther, Ali, and GG to anyone else I missed…

Great seeing everybody.As always, the best thing about tournaments is just chilling out with everyone.Props to Roski for setting this all up, and on winning 3rd strike.Demorris, much respect for bringing out the PS3 w/ DR & VF5, and for just being a cool ass dood.I only wish I got the chance to play VF5 more.Jeremy, props on winning DR, I think if I’d had stuck w/ Ganryu I could’ve beat David, & it woulda been me & you in grand finals.Even tho you would’ve beat me lol.I got 3rd tho, so RDU still reps.Tony the setup is very hot now man!! Thanx for having us at your crib.The CvS2 matches were fun lol.Maybe you’ll see me enter the next CvS2 tourny… ? ?? …nahh…I’ll just cheese you fuckers in casual.:rofl:'till next time.

mad props to roski for running these things you are my fuckin hero, marvel is too fuckin hype, I kno everyone was feeling that tetris,donkey kong, jungle fever rave soundtrack we had blasting, lucky place is pretty chill too, 50 cent soda FTFW:tup:

No Joke that Marvel Mix was bananas The Factory Stage song was the fucking truth.

Once again Props to Roski for running the best Tournies in NC since the old F-Ville/Charlotte Mindboggle days. I had a great time and it was good seeing everybody once again.

More people need to sign up for NGBC and Marvel.

Damn pt. 19

VF5 was actually the most fun I had in that tourney. Next time guys, feel free to warn me about the Bojangles. I spent about 5 minutes trying to get that out of my system and the rest of the day recovering from it. Always good to see everyone, even Majors (yes, even though you clown the joystick issues I have :lol:). Yes, Panther and Neosoldier (Jorge Rivera) will be back.

We need Roski to snag a(my?) HDTV next time, at lease get 480p out so things look nice.

Things ran smoother, from what I gather, for having more ppl show up. Props to everyone who helped out and brought gear (exsp Orochi and Blaine). I will try to get Pete, Jimmy and myself up there by 12:30 next time, sooner we start, the sooner we can do the after party!

Panther: You stick is possessed, works on and off? I’ll just keep bringing my stick then.

omg GG can run in 480p too! Pretty pretty shiny shiny!

This shit was TOO HYPE! GG finals were insane, major props to Roski for pushing the limit like that. EVERYONE MUST PLAY ACCENT CORE!

GGs to everyone I played, great hanging with people as usual, Ron, Charles, Chaz, Ed, Phil, Roski, Austin, Garrett, Dub, Jeremy, Demo, anyone I missed I’m sorry, catch you guys again next time!

I’m gonna bring a DVD recorder and a component splitter to the next one for recording purposes.

Accent Core runs on 480?? So that means you can play on LCD’s with no delay? What do you need to get it to work? Any extra cords or whatever?

GS Alex for beasting again in 3S. I’m gonna try to head to the one at the end of the month.

Component cord + hold Triangle and X on startup, then select “Yes” when it asks you to switch to Progressive Scan.

Too bad 3S can’t do that…

One of two things will happen with the remaining tournaments: either tournaments get started on time, or I’m going to stop providing equipment. I was dead at 8 that night, but couldn’t leave because 3rd hadn’t started and I had 2 TVs and PS2s there. I finally got out at midnight, and between midnight and 1am, my day went from a forgettable level of shitty to an epic level of fucked. If karma is going to punish me for trying to be helpful, then I’m going to stop helping.

Well, the TV still needs to have a native resolution of 480p or you will get input lag. =(

Fun tourney, come to charlotte to play marvel roski!

Are most HD/LCD TV’s at a native 480p?