NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 3 - 06.16.07 - Greensboro, NC

R1: 05.19.07 - COMPLETED
R2: 06.02.07 - COMPLETED
R3: 06.16.07
R4: 06.30.07
R5: 07.14.07
R6: 07.28.07


Saturday, June 16th, 2007
—Registration begins at 12:00pm. Tournaments start at 1:00pm.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC, 27407
—Lucky’s is located in a shopping center, entrance/exit right to the outside, food near.

There will be a venue fee of $5 per person.
—The venue fee is going in full to Lucky’s Card Shop.

$10 entry: 3rd Strike / CVS2 / Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / GGXX Accent Core / T5DR
$5 entry: NeoGeo Battle Coliseum / KOFXI / HNK

—Standard tournament rules for each respective game apply.
—Double elimination, 2/3 matches, Winners/Losers Finals 3/5, Grand Finals 4/7.

12:00PM - Registration

2:00PM - GGXXAC / MVC2
3:00PM - CVS2 / T5DR
4:00PM - 3S


1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point

Hopefully this new schedule will work to help things run smoother again. This last time worked much better than the first as far as organization, I thought. We’ll have all the import games run first, so we won’t have to worry about switching PS2s, etc. The Marvel crew is great, as they run their own show and don’t care what TV, plus it’s DC, so that will work fine with 4 or so TVs for AC. Since we’ll probably only have one PS3, we’ll have one TV dedicated to T5DR on the tournament side, while CVS2 runs on the remaining. As each TV is not needed for CVS2, we’ll cycle 3S in for casuals, and then when CVS2 finishes, 3rd Strike will start on ALL tournament TVs. If HNK doesn’t get at least 8 players, it will be cancelled.

There will be one side of TVs for tournaments, and one side for casuals. Just like last time, the casual side is up to you guys. Run what you want. If people want to play something not on casuals, then be polite and either give up the TV, or bring another TV and system - both will be the responsibility of the players. If you want some tournaments not on the official list, get enough people and we will provide the signup sheets and brackets. Post up for interest on anything not official.

Registration begins at 12:00PM NOON. This is when the sun is at the top of the sky. Last time there were about 10 people in the place by 1:30. Everyone please be on time.

As always, PS2, TV, and game donations needed and highly appreciated. I’ll post up near the date what exactly we’ll need. Thanks as always.


I can get 2+ TVs, maybe three, but I already told you that today. I can also bring a copy of 3rd Strike and Accent Core, and my PS2 appears to work on anything but import games.

Charlotte will be at this one too. Get hype!!1 Brandon was too serious at the last one…even though he was sick. Needless to say…fools got stewed.

I got all 4 of the remaining tourneys cleared with work so count me in. You know what I’m playin.

:cybot: Interesting… dood.

The main problem with last weekend’s tournament was when games got to the later stages. NGBC had to wait for like, 45 minutes while Blake and Alex finished playing Guilty Gear. You need to try to run tournaments that don’t have the same people playing in them.

So maybe like, CvS2/KoF XI, then MvC2/HNK, then Guilty Gear/T5DR, Then NGBC/3S (you could maybe even give each of those their own time slots).

Just a suggestion, I should be there for this one as well.

Can I come to this one… please?


:wasted: Will you actually wake up before 6pm… dood?

I’ll be there =)


I do not think you can space out the games so you eliminate waiting on others (Roski) to finish. Too many ppl play all games. I think we just need to put more TVs up like we did with 3S last week. When you get to losers/winners/grand finals, then we can start setting up for the next event. Run first rounds, and if you have to wait for the folks that place in the previous event, so be it.

Starting on time is the best idea…if you gotta be a tournament Nazi, then it has to be done. Ppl will either come on time or not at all. Only give allowances for outta state crews, since they travel the most.

…and get a RF for that one TV!

Roski->You want both TVs? We need a minivan or something. I’ve got half a mind to just let Lucky hold the Sony for the rest of the tourneys.

This is the only reason why things ran late last time. It had nothing to do with the TVs, organization, or people playing other games.
The TV set-up and organizers were perfect and on point last time. The only thing people need to do is show up when they are supposed to.

CajunStrike - Yo add SC3 as a minor, I’m running it again w/ a $5 entry. I’ll also be bringin my DC and SC1 for some post tournie casuals (old school for all the folks that still bitch that SC1 was the best in the series) if I can snag a TV. SC3 PLAYERS GET HYPE!!! haha



Devil Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn where you at?!

Steve H…!!! where you at?! and I KNOW you play SC3 nigga!!!

edmondantesssssssssssss…I’m takin yo Abe Lincoln at the next Vampire Savior tournie!!!

everyone elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I know where you BETTER be on June 16th, ON TIME AT THE TOURNAMENT!!! 3S started 4 hours late, nigga’s need to set alarm clocks on the weekend!!! I live 3 hours away and still made it on time.


Work has been kicking my ass lately, I think I take some time off during the weekend on the 16th but there are no promises. If I do come I will bet anyone.

Hopefully I can come this time, and I’m bringing the food…


NOOOOOOO, leave that SC1 at home. Thats like me bringing fucking VF2 or Tekken 3 and trying to run it. Im not saying there wouldnt be any support but SC isnt ST, it doesnt have that kind of lasting power and I personally feel it to be a waste of television time. But its not my venue, my tourny, or my tv so if it happens it happens…I will just go take a shit or something while its being played lol.

Now if people want to run some RotD or Matrimelee, then im all game.

QUICK QUESTION: If I ran another VF5 tourny, who would be willing to pay $5 to play in it. I dont want to ask Roski to put it on the schedule and then it not get support. But I will say that I REFUSE to run another 20+ man tourny if its FREE. So please be honest. I will put my name 1st.


I’m not gonna be runnin a SC1 tournie (fuck that nigga’s need to learn tech traps and play SC3!!! haha) however it seems like EVERY-FUCKIN-TIME I mention SC3 someone has to mention SC1 so I’ll just bring my DC and copy to play some SC1 casuals post-SC3 tournament (if I can snag a TV afterwards).


alex, i think you should seriously consider adding Alpha 3 to the mix. There seems to be alot of interest in playing the game, and there are old school players waiting to come out of the woodwork. AND, I kinda wanna learn it (where’s my copy?!?!?). This is going to sound biased, but you might also want to consider letting go either ngbc or xi, or make one of them an alternate you run if you are ahead of schedule. I dunno what the turn out is for these two games, and you may argue these are totally different games. These two games are free for triad anyway. Heck put it to a vote in a survey, I honestly think Alpha 3 is like ST in its longevity and can still appeal to new players. I was an SNK player first, but at this point that just looks like broken blocking bullshit.

Mike, it isn’t broken blocking bullshit. Well, maybe some in XI, but not Coliseum. I hate to do it, but if XI, NGBC, or HNK do not get at least 8 entries, then they will be canceled. Us winning them is nice, and it gives us some competition between each other for tournament level play, but the other point to them is/was hopefully to get more people playing. Coliseum IS Street Fighter, old SF at that. Jose really seems to like it with a few other Charlotte heads. I really don’t think NGBC or XI will be canceled, because they both do seem to have gained some steam recently, but I’m always considering Alpha 3 and ST. I’ll be fine adding them if enough people who are serious about coming to the tournament will post saying they want it.

GrayFox: Don’t bring in SC1 to play on casuals. With every tournament not running at once, I only want casuals to be for the games in the tournament, or games currently getting play that aren’t in the tournament (SC3, VF5, VS, etc.).

agreed, I was just gonna do it if there was an open TV but there are always people lookin for casuals for the tournie their entering and that would just take up unnecessary space.

3/5 $20?? whtz good eddie holla at me :looney: