NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 3 | 06.16.07 | Results

Thank you to everyone for helping out yet again - Phil, Dub, Tony, Shiki, Bryan, Cameron and Khalil with food assist, Blake and Austin with PS2s, and anyone else who did anything. Sorry for the results being late - I think next time I’m going to try to post the results as they happen from Lucky’s place.

Total Entrants: 37

Third Strike

  1. Matt Frank
  2. Roski
  3. Shaun Cosby
  4. Aaron Brooks
  5. Byran Ford
  6. Jorge Rivera


  1. Jimmy Greer
  2. Wayne Cosby
  3. Peter Hou
  4. Tomas Zachary
  5. Shaun Cosby
  6. Mike McCarley

Accent Core

  1. Charles Smith
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Aaron Brooks
  4. Roski
  5. Blake Mansour
  6. Austin Wright

Vampire Savior - $1 Entry | Double Elim | Winner Take All | 17 PEOPLE!! :smokin:

  1. Roski - Talbain
  2. Phillip Haith - Sasquatch
  3. Shaun Cosby - Demetri
  4. Blake Mansour - Talbain
  5. Jeremy - Anakaris
  6. Jeff J. - Zabel

T5 Dark Resurrection - Round Robin | 80/20 Split

  1. Jeremy
  2. Demorris
  3. Kevin Huang

**VF5 **- Round Robin | Winner Take All

  1. Charles Smith
  2. Mike McCarley
  3. Neo-Soldier

KOFXI - Round Robin | Winner Take All | I agree to play on 1P side.

  1. Roski
  2. Blake Mansour
  3. Shiki


  1. Ceron
  2. Longshot

Congrats to Matt, Charles, Jimmy, Jeremy, Ceron, and all the placers. I’m in the process of putting the Ranbat points into a spreadsheet to make it easier to keep track. I’ll have that up soon. VAMPIRE SAVIOR IS TOO GOOD!!! I’ll see everyone in 2 weeks.



GGs everyone. Vampire was fun to watch if not so much to play as I suck.

Good stuff from Tomas. I think he had some of the most excioting matches of all.

Great Googlilly Moogey

Heh, If I’d known I’d have “gauntlet” matches like that, I’d have hydrated myself beforehand. :sweat: If I had beat you prior to going to the loser’s bracket I probably would’ve ended up facing Peter, who’s damn well been my kryptonite since the Winston-Salem tourney (I think). Neo-Soldier (Rivera) plans on sitting the next one out but plans on being in the one after so it will probably be just me in Round 4. 'Till then, I plan on getting the kinks out of Hibiki/Geese/Maki. :nunchuck:

Matt Force ftw! :wink:

Jive Out!

GS to NC Yun for winning. Ninja should be coming down again for revenge. GS in placing in 4 diferent games as usual Roski. GS to those peepz related to Bill Cosby. GS.