NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 4 | 06.30.07 | Greensboro, NC

agreed, I’ll be at this one runnin SC3. I dont’ really need a time on the schedule but just put it up on the roster so SRK heads that still mess w/ the game will know before the 30th.

well if we’re “online pre-reg” for tournies, put me down for:
-Vampire Savior

also got a friend “K.Terror”:
-Vampire Savior

I’m gonna be bringing the camera out to this one for all the grand finals as well. Also tryin to get my Special Guest to come back into town, so NC better be ready in July…

NC SC3 tournie thread


Think you could pick us up again Roski? If not, it’s cool.

SUBS??? yeah. You guys get enough money from everybody?

I’ll be there for Coliseum and Alpha if they happen, as well as gggaaaaccc

Yo Alex, maybe you should consider making A3 the same style of tourney as VS…that is, 2$ entry, winner take all. I’m sayin this mostly because I’d really like to see more than 5 people enter it this time.

Almost forgot…HYPEHYPEHYPE.

What Matt can rep now?!!
Free Subs!?!
SC4 preview in one month!!!
ALPHA 3!!!

O SHIT!! I’M IN!!!

I have to work at 2 so I will be up there to get some VS casuals in…

What is the opinion on making all the minors $2 entry / winner take all? Will more people play?

IT doesn’t look like I’ll make any of these tournies now. My work schedule is crazy. Every saturday next onth I’m working from like 4 until 2am. WTF!!!

What kinda job you got?

he is a porn star

All minor tournaments are $2 / Double Elimination / Winner Take All.


i hear steve h is coming to this too

You’ve found any way of getting there yet? Still looking for a ride.

I’m not going anymore.

I’ve got a funeral to go to instead…

I’m sorry for your loss.

I’ll enter XI, A3, and VS… Even though I don’t have a huge clue at the last two…

Play more COLISEUM! $2!

For the casual area…bring your own TV and you can play whatever you want on it. Please just don’t play some old dumbass game. :chat:

Modded PS2s needed (probably 2), and that should be all. Thanks everyone.

Hey, some real hardcore gamers recently told me about that new Neo Geo Battle Coliseum game and how good it is. Maybe we should try it out this weekend at the tournament for $2.

count me in for gg ac if I can get a ride.