NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 4 | 06.30.07 | Results

Once again, as always, much thanks to all of those who helped and brought stuff.

Total Players: 46

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike**

  1. Steve H.
  2. Eric Kim
  3. Jose Hernandez
  4. Edmondantes
  5. Roski / Joey Pham
    GG Accent Core**
  6. Matt Frank
  7. Charles Smith
  8. Roski
  9. Blake Mansour
  10. Steve H. / Austin


  1. Steve H. / Rugal B. (tie)
  2. Lucious Clayton
  3. Jimmy G
  4. Jim S / Peter Hou


  1. IFG
  2. Shaun Banks
  3. Danny Lima
  4. Dee
  5. Brandon S. / George Alvarez

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

  1. Jeremy
  2. Chad Regan
  3. Kevin Huang
  4. Daniel
  5. Demo / Brian P.


  1. Lucious Clayton
  2. Roski
  3. Matt Frank
  4. Demo
  5. Jeff J / Shiki

NGBC (w/ 20 PEOPLE!!!)

  1. Lucious Clayton / Roski (tie)
  2. Blake Mansour
  3. Chad Regan
  4. Brent / Orochi
    Street Fighter Alpha 3**
  5. Matt Frank
  6. Roski
  7. Jim S.
  8. Jose Hernandez
  9. Brian P. / Curtis

Super Turbo

  1. Jim S.
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Jeff J.
  4. Orochi
  5. Shiki / Jeremy

Vampire Savior

  1. Roski
  2. Jose Hernandez
  3. Blake Mansour
  4. Shiki
  5. Jeremy / Darklight


  1. Longshot
    -someone please feel free to add the results - I don’t have the brackets.

Thanks to VA for coming through. Aside from the lateness…good tournament everyone. Brought to you by Roski’s Chicken and Waffles.

Round 5 Thread HERE

Getting the vidcaps now, it’ll take a day or two to post them. I think the battery dies during the Eleven, so no final round…

man i shouldve been there to take 1st or 2nd place in alpha :smile:

i couldn’t make it :frowning:
and am disappointed to see that steve got 5th in gg

20 people with NGBC? WOW…

lol how did I end up with 3rd in XI when I didn’t even enter?

Mammaryland: Steve probably would have done better if he hadn’t gotten there so late and been put in losers bracket because of it. Charles is the one who took him out of the tourney. We got some good casuals in with him after the tourney was over.


Whoops. Fixed.

Fixed again.

Is Matt Frank the Buri player? Props man!

Props to Steve for winning 3S/CvS2 also~

Yeah, that’s me, but I played May to beat Charles, and Faust to beat Roski. So, I only played Buri once. I guess that makes me the counter character whore.


GOOD SHIT everybody. It was mad fun as usual. Good shit to Eric K. and Steve H. for coming down as well, you guys are hella good at 3s and mad cool. I also can’t fucking believe I managed to get 4th in NGBC. Roski, as for the SC3 results, I’d expect Q. GrayFox to post them up soon, since he was running it and he had the brackets. Kevin Huang got 2nd place and I got 3rd place though, that much I am sure of. And I think I recall GrayFox saying he got 4th (cuz that Siegfried was just too much to handle this time, lol j/k buddy).

Anyhow good shit to all the winners & placers, good shit to Jeremy (those grand finals were hella fun), and I’ll see you guys @ teh next 1.

~ #6

Damn, the ONE time Lu shows up for CVS 2 and I’m not there. Oh well, I’ll try to make the next one.

see y’all this weekend:cybot:

Is Jim S. Jim Sejas? If I knew sleazy Jim was going to be there I might have tried a bit harder to make it to this one.

Also, good shit to Jose for taking 3rd in 3S and second in Vampire.

lol damn thats dirty

dont hate people


Good shit. Still too powerful. Figured we would have done better in Guilty Gear but nobody cares bout that. It’s all about that NGBC. :lol:

Oh…Steve got there late. :lol:

Something tells me I need to actually start playing XI a little more seriously. I know entries are low but ive placed in the last two using nothing but the few tiny things I taught myself and little tricks I stole while watching others play. Its time for me to become beast in that, and this move will make that all possible mwuhahahaha!

My performance in DR wasnt what it needed to be. No sleep + stressful ass game=poor performance. But im not making excuses, it was good to have more than 5 entries this time, thats gotta happen again. And that television=the sex!!! No need to thank me for bringing the PS3 either Chad, you know im all about the community and will do whatever I can to keep things going.

Speaking of…I dont know if this is an open invite or not but there will be a DR/ST/A3/maybe other games gathering at VB’s place tomorrow night. It would be good to get some solid comp going.

All in all I had a blast this past weekend. Sorry I couldnt hang the entire time like I normally do but I was driving all of Raleigh and they had things to do and as mentioned I was running on NO SLEEP, but I hate I missed the after tourny festivities…I would have LOVED to chill at Steak n Shake. Maybe next time hint hint, much cheaper than Hooter’s I bet.

Final thoughts on Saturday. Much fun, more KoF XI, less NGBC (until I sit down and someone teaches me EVERYTHING *COUGH COUGH), fuck Kuma (although you were playing like a beast Kevin), and double fuck Maxima/Gato/Duck!!! Cant wait to do it again.

Lu…what’r we gonna do about those CvS results…

GG to all.

I think I had the most fun playing VS…whats that about?

Jose is a fucking turd burgler.


Lilith Is too Fucking serious!

But I’m going to be practicing a new character for the next one.

what the hell, where the fuck am i.

this isnt zaibatsu, whats going on!