NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 5 | 07.14.07 | Greensboro, NC

R1: 05.19.07 - COMPLETED
R2: 06.02.07 - COMPLETED
R3: 06.16.07 - COMPLETED
R4: 06.30.07 - COMPLETED
R5: 07.14.07
R6: 07.28.07



Saturday, July 14th, 2007
—Registration begins at 12:00pm. Tournaments start at 1:00pm.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC, 27407
—Lucky’s is located in a shopping center, entrance/exit right to the outside, food near.

There will be a venue fee of $5 per person.
—The venue fee is going in full to Lucky’s Card Shop.

$10 entry: 3rd Strike / CVS2 / Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / GGAC / T5DR
$2 entry: NGBC / KOFXI / SFA3 / Vampire Savior [all $2 entry games will be double elimination - winner take all]

—Standard tournament rules for each respective game apply.
—Double elimination, 2/3 matches, Winners/Losers Finals 3/5, Grand Finals 4/7.


12:00PM - Registration

1:00PM - KOFXI | NGBC | A3
2:00PM - VAMPIRE | MVC2 | T5DR
3:00PM - GGAC
4:00PM - CVS2
5:00PM - 3S



1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point

Spreadsheet coming soon.


Hopefully the tournaments will start by 2… :sweat: Modded PS2’s and games needed. Tournament tvs are fine, but bring some more casual tvs if you guys like.


I’ll be there for 3S, VS, and maybe NGBC.

I will try to make it for GGAC/3S/CVS2…

I will be at this one as well.


AC and whatever I play w/ Triad over the next 2 weeks.

count me there for CVS2 and Third Strike…

I should be there as well.

DR of course
XI if I feel good
VS for fun
NGBC if I feel like giving my money away
and I keep saying im gonna enter 3S but that always starts hellishly late, so im tentative.

Put me down for AC and VS, I’ll debate entering SNK stuff when I get there.

I’m GONNA make it!

NGBC (maybe)

Good shit Phil.

I placed higher in AC than I did 3rd last time. That makes me feel funny.

Roski - I won’t be doin a SC tournie this time around, so I’ll probly be gettin back into the good O’ 2D spirit and enter 3S. I’ll still bring my copy of SC3 if folks wanna play some, but other than that I’ll be playin as much GG casuals as possible w/ some random Tekken just to see the best character in Video Game history: The Kaz.

A good idea was brought up to me by Will at the last bi-weekly though, SC won’t be run on the 14th in order to get more out of state SC heads (the VA and ATL crews) to show up for the last bi-weekly (July 28th) so be sure that on the next bi-weekly thread after this you finally add SC3 as a major tournament (I’ll still run it) w/ a 10 dollar entry fee.

P.S. almost forgot: “NIGGA’S GET HYPE!!!” haha

Gonna try to make this one. Keeping my fingers crossed.

You placed higher in almost everything you entered that wasn’t 3rd.

Same thing happened to me with AC. :lol:

This shit is scary Blake. LORD OF THE VAMPIRE.

Q: It will definately be a major next tournament. GS on rounding up the players. :tup:

So wait,why is the 28th the last Biweekly?

Is it like Biweekly Season 1???

Because I wanna go but thats during EVO West SNK 2007…to which I gotta be present obviously…


i should make this one ill be there for 3rd, A3, ggac, and DR

Casual gathering at Lucky’s tomorrow!

Played BBB and MB, what are Monster and Akatsuki?

Just type em in YouTube. Basically one is a furry fighter, the other has guys in nazi outfits. Unlike BBB and MB though…they dont have that Guilty Gearish movement system with the air dashes and double jumping and all of that stuff. They’re more ground based fighters.

14 hour 3rd Strike session.