NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 5 | 07.14.07 | Results

Thanks everyone for all the help. Much thanks to Shiki for helping out with the games, and to Majors, Dub, Blake, and Isaac for helping with the brackets.

Total Players: 35

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike**

  1. Marn
  2. Eric Kim
  3. Roski
  4. Matt Frank
  5. Jose Hernandez / Steve H.
    GG Accent Core**
  6. Marn
  7. Matt Frank
  8. Steve H.
  9. Blake Mansour
  10. Austin / Roski


  1. Rugal B. / Steve H. (split)
  2. Shaun Cosby
  3. Havoc
  4. Peter Hou / Kevin Michaels


  1. IFG
  2. Eric V.
  3. Rugal B.
  4. Brandon Swett
  5. George Alvarez / JC Hernandez


  1. Roski
  2. Steve H.
  3. Blake Mansour
  4. Shiki (COMIN’ UP!)
  5. Nick / Mike McCarley


  1. Roski
  2. Blake Mansour
  3. Steve H.
  4. Jose Hernandez
  5. Marn / Shiki
    Street Fighter Alpha 3**
  6. Matt Frank
  7. Kevin M.
  8. Roski
  9. Jose Hernandez
  10. Patrick Van Peltrick / Angus Styles

Vampire Savior

  1. Roski
  2. Shaun Cosby
  3. Steve H.
  4. Blake Mansour
  5. Jose Hernandez / Darklight

Major thanks to EVERYONE who helped, and to MD/VA and Marn for coming through and helping hype shit up again. Great matches to everyone. I’ll keep everyone up to date on whether the last biweekly will move because of the C3 VA tournament. Post up and let me know your opinions as soon as you can please.

I must apologize to Shiki for what happened in the XI tournament. It was a misunderstanding that got you disqualified and was not purposeful. You were gone for a little while, but as deep in the bracket that you were I would’ve waited for you. Good shit dude, and sorry man.

***If anyone finds a T5 stick with Voltejay written on the bottom please let me or Darklight know. Not a single game or cord has gone missing yet, so hopefully this will turn up soon.

Good shit guys. MAD fun.

We had jokes, but it’s okay.

Majors is the fucking man.

That’s it.

GS MD/VA. GS to Marn for taking Threes and Loli Gear.

Roski, it’s really okay…it’s really my fault since I forgot to tell anybody else who was running that I was getting me, V, Darklight, and Marn some food.
I’m just happy I was able to level up in KOF XI this time…once I get my copy from Play-Asia I’ll be training more.

Thanks to V and Darklight for helping me train, y’all did pretty good for your first KOF XI tournament, GGs.

Good shit to marn for beasting in all games. I think Neo Geo Battle Coliseum might be his new favorite game, m i rite??? :lol:

Thanks to Roski, Majors, Eddie, and Blake, et al. for another great tournament.

Thanks to the VA guys for turning out and supporting our scene. Especially Steve for playing a ton of NGBC with me. Dude is like omnipresent…everywhere you turned he’d be playing something hardcore…

Sorry to Havoc that I forgot about our Alpha 2 MM, let’s do it early next time…

Too bad there was no Tekken this time. I give props to Kevin and his Monroe crew for making the trip and playing me in NGBC but I felt really bad that they pretty much came all the way for Tekken to be cancelled. Even if it couldn’t be helped…

The way I see, C3 is practically a major on 7/28, the Anderson tournament on 8/12 is going to be pretty big, and of course Evo is 2 weeks after that.
I guess the only way to handle the last bi-weekly is to bump it up a week after C3, or make it a gathering instead of a tournament right before EVO so people have a way to practice.

NC must be known around the US for philanthropy, 'cause we just give it away! Maybe us NCers can all pick some obscure game that nobody cares about and get really, really good at it…oh, wait a minute…DOH!

IFG at least keeps something within the state, but it’s big fish, small pond in my eyes.

Gotta get these tourneys running like butter…we gotta think outside the box. It would be fun to be known for smooth events that flow efficiently.

Hav -> You know Charlotte has all the Asian honeys.

We can’t (well I can’t) do the tournament the week after C3 because I have to work that weekend, which happens to be the only weekend out of the year I will ever have to work…

Lucky is cool with August 18th, but I don’t want to run into the situation where I move it and then nobody goes to VA and a bunch of people are pissed because they requested off for the 28th for NC, and then won’t go to VA, etc. - that’s why it’s so important for me to get as many peoples opinions on it as soon as possible.

If Marn loves NGBC he needs to know Im only 3 hours away…


You all better head out to the Down South Clash…I cant wait to see how Steve is in NGBC…:nunchuck:

Think he can take me and Joey Alex?


Finances and other stuff kept me out of this one. :annoy: Finally got a working copy (again) of NGBC and KOF XI so I should be good for those games come next tourney. I am for the first time debating whether or not I’m even participating in CVS 2 this time. :bluu:

D. Geese: You coming to the next Greensboro tourney? If so, I might actually have a reason to participate in NGBC. :wonder:

I’ll be at the Anderson,SC tourney!

good job to all the top finishers in third… tough competition out there, i was really exciting in seeing how i did in this tourny with this level of competition.

but when the tourny doesnt start till 5 hours later after it suppose to start, it throws off my plans. Next time ill try not to do anything but play in the tourny, i guess…

I do apologize that I wasnt able to make this tournament and thus I guess there could be no Tekken/VF5. I have had alot of deep family issues come to pass that I had to attend to, and I havent been talking to anyone. I really am sorry. I plan to work through everything that has gone on and I intend to try and make the last one.


Demo - Best wishes man. Good luck with whatever it is you’re dealing with. If you’re in town give us a yell. Peace.

NC BIWEEKLY TOURNAMENT ROUND 6 feat. TEAM 3RD/GGAC! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

marn?? don’t get any ideas- makoto stills owns you :sad:

Damn life gets in the way again. Anderson will be the shit! Too bad I have to miss it, but at least I’ll have the (2nd) annual NC cook out, pre-game show.