NC Biweekly Tournament: Round 6 | 07.28.07 | RESULTS

MAJOR THANKS to everyone who helped out with all of these bringing games, systems, TVs, running brackets, etc.: Tony, Blaine, Lu, Phil, Shiki, Brent, Demorris, Blake, Jose, Isaac, Bryan, Darklight, Sam, and everyone else…THANK YOU! Also, major thanks to Lucky for everything and also for giving us a place for the biweeklies and the MONTHLIES! Dates coming soon. Thanks everyone for your support and understanding in the complete inability for the tournament to ever finish on time.


Total Players: 38

3rd Strike Singles

  1. Marn
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Matt Frank
  4. Jose Hernandez
  5. Brandon Swett
  6. Ecko
    Random 3rd Strike Teams **
  7. Team Kevin and Nick are Beasts and Lu Hates Us All (Kevin Michaels, Mr. Nicholas Black, Alex Roski)
  8. Team Marn (Lucious Clayton, Q. GrayFox, Marn)
  9. Team Matt (Mr. Weather, J.C. Hernandez, Matt Frank)
  10. Team Ecko (Loborine, Shiki, Ecko)
  11. Team Brandon (Bryan Ford, Voljetay, Brandon Swett
  12. Team Jose (Will, Darklight, Jose Hernandez)


  1. Marn
  2. Blake Mansour
  3. Garrett Hills
  4. Alex Roski
  5. Matt Frank
  6. Brent Taylor

Random GGAC Teams

  1. Team Marn (Nick, Q. GrayFox, Marn)
  2. Team Blake (Ricarlo Woods, Jose Hernandez, Blake Mansour)
  3. Team Matt (Garrett Hills, Cameron Watson, Matt Frank)
  4. Team Makeshift Triad (Lucious Clayton, Austin Wright, Alex Roski)
  5. Team Brent (Justin, Shiki, Brent Taylor)


  1. Marn
  2. Mr. Weather
  3. Kevin Michaels
  4. Ecko
  5. Nick
  6. Darklight


  1. Ricarlo Woods
  2. Winback
  3. Longshot
  4. Smeesh
  5. Kevin Huang
  6. Q. GrayFox


  1. Alex Roski
  2. Shiki
  3. Demorris
  4. Jeff J.
  5. Jose Hernandez
  6. Darklight
    Vampire Savior**
  7. The Lord of the Vampire Blake Mansour
  8. Another Lord of the Vampire Alex Roski
  9. Shiki
  10. Demorris
  11. Jeff J.
  12. Darklight
  13. Jeremy Gowan (VB)
  14. Daniel Ball (DD)
  15. Jon Drugan (DM)
  16. DeMorris Edberson (SS)
  17. Nick N.
  18. Alex Roski
  19. Lucious Clayton
  20. Blake Mansour
  21. Brent Taylor
  22. Jose Hernandez
  23. Jeff J.

Man the team tournaments were too hype. Good games to everyone I played. Vampire grand finals were intense. Good stuff to all the placers and thanks to everyone for coming to the biweeklies. In the next few days I should have the dates up for the first few monthly tournaments or so. I’ll have the final ranking battle points posted up tonight. Thanks again to everyone - I had a blast. See everyone in Anderson. :tup:

I’m so awesome I get thanked twice.

awesome tourny… i have mix feelings about random teams… but i think there for the best.

glad to see alot of ryu’s in the tourny… he is the originator… but great job to all the top placers … damn competition is tough… wish i could hang out to play with some one more often… nobody plays here in hickory :frowning: just have myself to pratice with

jose good stuff man, always a pleasure to watch you work

alex your good man, good makoto, P.S ryu’s back throw does a nice amount of stun damage

marn, your sick…

matt… i hate your yun… period

good stuff, hopefully we see more of teams in the future

Roski: Once again man I hope you got my text about that situation. I felt so terribly shitty but I can only be grated but so much. I hate I missed the chance to rock some 3S with you guys. If this continues monthly I PROMISE I WILL PLAY!!! Thats just my f’n word. And as always I gotta play KoF and Vampire just b/c they are so much fun. The T5DR results should actually read

  1. Jeremy Gowan (VB)
  2. Daniel Ball (DD)
  3. Jon Drugan (DM)
  4. DeMorris Edberson (SS)
  5. Nick N. (the only guy other than US who beat US)

8th. EVERYONE ELSE b/c it was all 0-2

I look forward to doing this again soon should you do these monthly and im still adjusting to the new area but I plan to try and do a meet and greet with everyone soon.



I removed a “Blaine” and added a “Demorris.” :sweat:

Demo: It’s cool. I just wish you would’ve said something before you left. Where are you living?

Lobo: Yeah what the hell was that? :rofl: Good shit man.

Team “let Marn do the work” FOR THE WIN!!! well at least I got to play you guys in a tournie for 5 bucks. and can say I made it to GG and 3S Grand Finals…somehow. Hopefully sometime this year I’ll make it to 2D Grand Finals on my own.

All I need is Hate and 3rd strike will be mine.

Roski is the man, all I can say. /thread

Good shit guys!

I was glad to see more 3S Ryu players come through and represent! :tup:
I’m also glad I got to play more casuals this time around, meet some more players and FINALLY try out T5:DR and VF5. That shit was dope. Good times.
Thanks to Majors for making my stick usable again and showing me how to solder. I’ll probably be able to repair them myself once I get off my lazy ass and buy the tools. :lol:

Team Tournaments = Too Hype/Too much fun! Props to my teammates for their effort. Sorry I couldn’t pull through. Good games to the players I fought though.

tightens belt

… should we ever have another team tournament,

tightens gloves

… I’m gonna bring it even harder for my team.

tightens headband

…That’s a promise!

Goes to train in mountains… not exactly sure how it improves fighting game abilit-- meh I’ve seen shit like that in movies so it’s gotta work… right?</ass backwards logic>

I gotta thank Shiki for riding me up there all the time AND for helping me practice/putting me up on SNK. Everytime I come up there and see players get down and dirty in KOF and NGBC, my mind says "Holy god, that shit was crazy! I wanna DO that!"
Seriously though… wow. Wtf even. :lol:

Unfortunately I won’t make it to Anderson because I’m visiting my hometown during that time. But I’ll most likely see yall again at monthlies/other tournaments. See you guys next time.


I’ll say hi to Shadow at Anderson for ya, Darklight.

Good shit to Lobo beasting in 3S teams, btw Will (who was at tournament) and Spooty Whiteboy live in Hickory so you should try hitting them up since they could even be right on your block…

Marn, as always, is godly.

Congrats to Nick, the only man to win both the 3S and GG Accent Core Teams.

Good games to Jeff and Blake in KOF MIRA, Mizoguchi is a son of a bitch but I think he’s pretty cool…

Good games to Q in 3S.

Good shit to Will, I hope you come to more of our tournaments. Like I said, I above anyone knows how intimidating it is at your first tournament(s), but I say it’s well worth it to experience it.

Thanks to Darklight and Voltejay for making the trip home interesting.

Major props to Roski, Majors, and Lucky for a GOD-TIER summer of games…this was easily the best thing that could ever happen to our state…as I told Orochi and Majors, somewhere down the road I wanna see NC have its own major like Atlanta has Final Round.
No matter what though, I wanna see the summer of bi-weeklies become a tradition.

I think that was the only thing holding us back…NC not getting a chance to get together more, but I think this summer we all leveled up in at least one game thanks to these bi-weeklies.

Good shit to everyone, this tourney was TOO HYPE! I think I had more fun at this tournament than any other. Sorry I didn’t stick around for 3S teams, but I hope everyone had fun.

Also played a little KOF: MIA yesterday, game feels a little more solid than MI2. Mary is too much fun.

Great tournaments, can’t wait for the monthlies to start. It’ll actually give me a reason to leave school every once in a while.

Big thanks to Roski for organizing all this stuff.

Next season I’m not goin out like some fucking scrub every damn tournament though.

GG’s to everyone I played this weekend. Met a lot of cool new people, and hung out with old friends.

These bi-weeklies were a blast, it’s only going to get better next summer, because Roski runs the best tournies.

See everyone at Anderson, and Evo World next month.

do they post in srk??

Spooty Whiteboy does, but I dunno about Will (they know each other though)

Get you dance on!!! Ikuzo!!!

Good shit. I had kind of a disappointing end to a great summer, but still good games all around. BIG thanks to Tony for being godlike and fixing both of my sticks on the spot.

Feels good, don’t it. RAGE!!!

Deny all non-Triad from placing…ever! HOLD THE LINE!!!

I can rent hate by the hour if anyone needs some.

wow, random teams was so hype. Everything was hype, but Guilty Gear being hype is like WHAT!

Good games to Daniel in DOA4. My only comp in that game is one dude in Kentucky that only plays Ayane :sweat:

Hahah. Wish I coulda been there for teams to ride Marn to victory.

Sounds like this one owned the hell out of the last few.