NC Biweekly Tournament: Round One - 05.19.07 - Greensboro, NC

This will be the first of our BIWEEKLY tournaments at a new card shop in Greensboro, NC - Lucky’s Card Shop. I’m friends with Lucky and he’s been nice enough to give us a venue for the tournaments, EVERY OTHER WEEK! It’s all tables, chairs, and space. EVERYONE REQUEST OFF!!!

Dates for the tournaments are as follows (all Saturdays):
R1: 05.19.07
R2: 06.02.07
R3: 06.16.07
R4: 06.30.07
R5: 07.14.07
R6: 07.28.07

I would like to continue with at least one into August before EVO, but I gotta see what’s up with school.

To further the competition and shit talk, we’ll also have a Ranking Battle System in effect for all games. Players will accumulate points based on placing and the person with the most points at the end of the biweeklies is declared the winner. Other than possible seeding and tallying points, this won’t affect the normal tournament format. This may not amount to anything more than honor and being able to claim the title, but we’ll see.

Points are as follows:
1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point


Saturday, May 19th, 2007
—Registration begins at 12:00pm. Tournaments start at 1:00pm.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC, 27407
—Lucky’s is located in a shopping center, entrance/exit right to the outside, food near.

There will be a venue fee of $5 per person.
—The venue fee is going in full to Lucky’s Card Shop.

$10 entry: 3rd Strike / CVS2 / Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / GGXX/ / Tekken 5
$5 entry: NeoGeo Battle Coliseum / KOFXI / Super Turbo / HOKUTO NO KEN

—Standard tournament rules for each respective game apply.
—Double elimination, 2/3 matches, Winners/Losers Finals 3/5, Grand Finals 4/7.

Lucky’s brother is a Tekken head (was at FRX), and he knows a good amount of people around here who play, so T5 will hopefully be worth it. If someone is willing to donate a PS3 with DR, then we’ll run DR instead of 5, and your entry fee will be waived. If there is enough interest for Alpha 3 then we can run that too.

Time isn’t really much of an issue as long as we finish up sometime hopefully before 10. Lucky does have two nice LCDs, but of course we can’t use those, so this is going to be a combined effort again. He is going to help with a few TVs, and the rest (and PS2s) will be provided by us. We should be fine with 7 or so which will probably come from us around here, but we may need 1 or 2 more if people are willing. You can pull right up to the place, so it’s not much of a haul if someone could help. We’ll probably need one or two systems as well (I’m thinking 1 extra DC and 1-2 PS2s). If someone brings a needed TV or system of course their entry is free. Anyone willing to help run brackets would be appreciated. :lovin:

Any questions post-up! YOU WA SHOCK~! :tup:

Oh my God its the old Cosmic Castle location. Put me down for a TV and a PS2 supplied.

Look’s pretty good, w/ the exception of the July tournaments (the first one I might be goin to T8 and the second is a music concert in NY that I am NOT missing!!) I should be able to go to every gathering / tournament. However my wallet needs to agree w/ this as well in order for it to work out.

Dammit I will be at EVO East when this happens…oh well…you all will see me NC next weekend lol.

this looks quite official glad to NC doing it up PRO<>thank you

I want that HnK money. I’ll be there.


So it’s not too far from the 4 Seasons Mall, eh?

Don’t know if I can get every Saturday off, but I’ll make as many of these as possible.

For this one, put me down for CvS2, NGBC, KOF XI, and Super Turbo.

I’ll try to get to as many as I can.


Nice! these all coincide with my weekends off at work so i can make every single one of these as long as it stays on the same schedule. count me in!

Yay!!! Greensboro is the best

Hell yeah, you can count me in, as long as my work schedule doesn’t have me scheduled on Saturdays.

entrance fee + Marvel + Tekken + CvS2 = $35

Damn thats one hell of an entrance fee for me, at least it’s not as much as evo.

And I was just in G’boro, I could have checked out the place. If you need some TV’s, you know I got your back. I’ll plan to make as many as I can <- read: if I get a ride.

Ask, and Roski shall grant thee. You know I’m there. Most likely, for all of them.

And yes run A3. I need some free money.

Thanks for this Roski!

You guys will see more of the Iceninja with this setup. I should be able to attend most of these.

Will you accept a late registration on the 19th? Earliest I could get there would be 1:30p.

Yo Shaun. That’s no problem at all man. Just let me know what your playing sometime before you show up so we can go ahead and get you in the brackets. That is…if brackets are being made by then…LMF4L! :sweat:

Good shit! You’ve been MIA.

Good shit! HIGH FIVE

Thanks as usual Tony. I’ll have the rides covered for you if needed.

I’ll go to as many as I can.

I’m planning on being at every one of these. Trying to level up in 3S over the summer this year.

How many people plan on playing Tekken/Marvel down there? And would anybody be willing to teach me how to play 3S better if I manage to make it down there?