NC Biweekly Tournament: Round Two - 06.02.07 - Greensboro, NC

Dates for the tournaments are as follows (all Saturdays):
R1: 05.19.07 - COMPLETED
R2: 06.02.07
R3: 06.16.07
R4: 06.30.07
R5: 07.14.07
R6: 07.28.07


Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
—Registration begins at 12:00pm. Tournaments start at 1:00pm.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC, 27407
—Lucky’s is located in a shopping center, entrance/exit right to the outside, food near.

There will be a venue fee of $5 per person.
—The venue fee is going in full to Lucky’s Card Shop.

$10 entry: 3rd Strike / CVS2 / Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / GGXX/ / Tekken 5
$5 entry: NeoGeo Battle Coliseum / KOFXI / Hokuto no Ken / ACCENT CORE!!

—Standard tournament rules for each respective game apply.
—Double elimination, 2/3 matches, Winners/Losers Finals 3/5, Grand Finals 4/7.

12:00PM - Registration

1:00PM - CVS2
2:00PM - KOFXI / HNK
3:00PM - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 / Vampire Savior
4:00PM - GGXX Slash / Tekken DR
6:00PM - 3rd Strike

The plan is to have one row of TVs for casuals the WHOLE TIME, probably about 5. Then, on the other side of the room run the tournaments, with about 6 TVs. CVS2 will use ALL the tournament TVs possible, then KOFXI and HNK will cycle in as CVS2 ends. Same for all the other games. These will be all the official tournaments - anything else someone wants to run, do it on the casual side. If you are in a casual tournament and called for an official one, you must come to the official tournament or risk DQ.

This is a tentative schedule, but I think things will run a lot more smooth. I would do one tournament at a time, but with the entries it is probably not the most efficient thing to do. If everything works out, 3rd Strike (and all the other games) have a good chance of starting before their scheduled time. Also, the casual side will be open for whatever games people want, the whole time. So, if you’re just there for 3rd for example, you won’t have to wait all day to play.

To further the competition and shit talk, we’ll also have a Ranking Battle System in effect for all games. Players will accumulate points based on placing and the person with the most points at the end of the biweeklies is declared the winner. Other than possible seeding and tallying points, this won’t affect the normal tournament format. This may not amount to anything more than honor and being able to claim the title, but we’ll see.

Points are as follows:
1st: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point

Point totals from R1 and R2 will be posted in the results thread.

Tekken has been [EDIT: RE-ADDED]. It will be DR as long as Demorris brings the PS3. [EDIT: Any tournaments not on the official schedule may be run in the casual area if there is enough interest (ST, Alpha 3, VF5, SC3), and we’ll get you some brackets. Try not to use more than one TV however, to not interfere with the people who want to play other casuals before their tournaments.]

I think we were good on TVs last time [EDIT: We may need a few], so I’ll post up near the tournament if we’ll need some. We will probably need some systems and games though [EDIT: Modded PS2s and DCs please]. Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcomed.


I’m there. Third strike and CvS2.

You know if you need anything, I’ll do what I can (bitching about moving TV to the contrary).

Also, Slash or Accent Core (since it should be out by then)?

Sign me up again for 3S. With more organization this time, we should definitely be able to get some random 3s teams going.

if you could you should add tekken back to the list. at this point i can pretty much assure atleast an 8 man bracket for the next one. if it flops again, fuck it and kick tekken to the curb. ill continue to come and play in 2d shit instead.

im currently trying to rally every tekken player i know of to come. there is no reason for turnout to be that low in this state. DR can easily get 16+ just from our community on TZ. doesnt anyone play tekken in greensboro?

There are Tekken players in NC but 95% of them just plain don’t show up, period.

The fact that “our” tournaments are 2-D focused or that Tekken isn’t the main event or any other traditional reasons people give aren’t valid excuses either.
A major NCSU tournament was on Zaibatsu for MONTHS and ONLY 10 people total showed up in the end.

As a frame of reference, back when Tekken 5 first came to console (Feb 2005) I was working at Blockbuster, and basically the store wanted to do 2 free tournaments for T5 and Fight Night Round 3.
Now this was a small BB chain store, only about 2 minutes from my house, and during the weeks leading up to the event we basically did not advertise the tournament AT ALL…just a couple of flyers in the store and I told maybe 4 people who asked about it. I figured that since it was a free tournament nobody who actually played Tekken seriously would come since there was no cash prize (winner got a free Month-long Game Pass) and since it was like a very local neighborhood thing we wouldn’t have more than maybe 5 people total interested.
I was planning on showing up and playing even though I wasn’t working and I had never played Tekken 5 or even any Tekken at all except Tekken 4 which I rented a week before the tournament and played for a couple of days learning basic scrubby shit.

We end up with over 20 local neighborhood SUPER-scrubs showing up and excited to play. I finished 3rd using Scrub-Steve and Yoshimitsu tactics I practiced for maybe a day, so that’s how I know they were SUPER-scrubs, since 2 1/2 years later my ass is still TERRIBLE at Tekken.
Yes, I know it was a free tournament with no cash prize, and everyone involved was super-scrubby, but still…if I KNOW there’s at least 20 people within a 2-mile radius of my home who play Tekken, regardless of their skills, then why can’t 20 serious Tekken players (who I KNOW exist) show up for our STATE-WIDE tournaments?

On another note, I WILL be there, and I WILL run the free Vampire Savior tournament this time.

Same rules still apply:

16 entrant MAX
Single Elimination, 3/5 Rounds, 2/3 games
Arcade Version
No Oboro Bishamon, Dark Gallon, Shadow, or any EX characters
Winner keeps character

this is what im struggling with. aside from my raleigh brothers who couldnt make it, i have no idea why no one else in our community showed. im gonna give it my all to have a good turnout next time, but if it doesnt work then whatever.

NC tekken is lazy, but i thought that maybe with these being set up that would stop…looks like we need a more of a kick in the ass than i originally thought.

I’d be interested in Tekken DR. Need to dl it from the PSN. Problem is that I’ve been into VF5 lately. Any of you Tekken players like VF5? Need to get a minor for that, if I can.

If you need a comparison. About 18 months, there was a free Tekken tournament in Sumter, SC with a store opening- first prize was a PSP. Over 100 entrants. Admittedly most of them were casual scrubs, but they got 100 people, in a town the size of Asheboro, without much civilization near it.

If you guys do a VF5 minor, I’ll pop the $5 in for that even though I haven’t played it- I liked Evo.

Honestly, as much as it pains me to say it, ST should be dropped, or turned into a cheaper entry as well if it doesn’t get more people after next time.

Maybe Tekken should be run as a free tourney?

Hey, my brother lives in Sumter! And yeah, it’s not exactly the big city.

I’ll be at this tourney as well as the rest of them. I’ll play GG and NGBC…VS too, why not. Let me know if you want me to bring my TV again. Could have brought my PS2 and didn’t ;(

most of us in raleigh play vf5 as well. if i can get our whole crew to come next time we could prob get a decent vf5 minor going.

dont like tekken being free, maybe 5 buck entry. ill see what players on TZ want.

I hear you, man…

If I may just make a suggestion (and it’s just a suggestion, take it with a grain of salt), maybe the solution is for some of the Tekken players to start picking up a secondary game. Introduce something like 3S or Marvel to them, and see if it sticks.
I’m not saying they should stop playing Tekken or replace it or anything…it’s just that it seems to me that a lot of the NC Tekken players, even the ones who actually take the game seriously and play at arcades and such, are too stuck in a “comfort zone” to really turn out for tourneys.
You can go into any of the very few hole-in-the-wall arcades NC has left and still find at least one Tekken machine…and often you find Tekken but not anything else. Tekken players just aren’t as scarce as other arcade fighters, so I get the feeling that many Tekken heads just feel comfortable playing the handful of people they know rather than travel and paying like $15-20 for an entry fee and tournament pot to go 0-2.
I just get the feeling if they really got into another game, they’d have more of a reason to show up rather than thinking they should just stay home and play T5.0 on their PS2 with their pals all day.

Are you just trying to increase the pot for the serious 3s or Marvle players? :lol:

I was seriously almost out the door Saturday, but realized there was no response for VF5, and I wasn’t going to shell out $40 to play games for the sole purpose of stuffing someone else’s pockets. Unless VF5 were official, as in all the Capcom, SNK, and GG heads putting up 5 bucks to join a tourney just to support it, I’m not sure why a Tekken or VF5 player should pick up a secondary 2D fighter, just to have a reason for coming out.

Did VF5 get any play? Thought I’d wait to see if there was any response for it b4 coming out, but it looks like waiting around won’t get any action.

we all play other games (ST, VS, HnK, A3, VF5, 3S) and we are starting to play them more seriously. part of my hype plan was to try and get some people to show up and enter more things then just tekken.

as for the comfort zone thing, i think you are right for the most part. i think that theory holds very true for the average NC tekken head, but not the serious ones. while we have been dead on the travelling front recently, most of us have busted our ass in the past to go up and down the east coast for the game. hell, one of our players went to norcal for sbo qualifier. its kinda funny thinking about, we have been to way more out of state tournaments then in state ones.

I’m down for this one. CvS2 and Eleven for me. I promise to take the brackets from Alex when things get he gets bogged down with playing.

Well, here’s a couple of things:

–I only listed 3S and Marvel since those are the only two games which have CONSISTENTLY had solid turnouts in NC over the past years (although Marvel kind of dropped off last year). I certainly have no personal vested interest in either game since I don’t play tourney-level Marvel and I don’t play 3S seriously.

–There’s really no need for distinction between “2D” and “3D” fighters. A fighter is a fighter. Once people look at it that way, picking up secondary fighters isn’t an issue.

–Once again here’s the sore point: “Everyone else should play my game before I show any effort to play anything else. My participation in a secondary game= 20 people signing up for mine”.

–Yeah, I agree. Waiting around for people never does any good. Sad to say, but we don’t have that many active players in NC.

In the end, I think VF still has a potential following…the problem is just that no one has a PS3 for VF5. I mean, the release on 360 this July will help, but not all of us have $460 + tax to invest just for VF5 (I certainly don’t). If anything, it would be best to start with VF4 Evo, since it’s readily available and incredibly affordable (like $7 Used at any EB or Gamestop).

Sign me up for GG and HnK right now. Maybe other stuff a little later on.

Yikes on the VF4 Evo thing. I’d rather have the EVO players try out VF5, since it is the current version.

Agree on the sore point, but it depends on which side you are looking at. Heck, I own KOF2002/2003, SF:AE, which I played quited alot. Heck, I even played CVS2 on Live a whole helluvalot. Depending on my first round pairing, I think I could last in those. But, my game right now is VF5. That’s the latest and greatest, imo, currently out for fighting games…so why don’t all of the winners take their prize money from the tourney’s and mm’s and go out and buy a PS3 and VF5?

I agree that on paper, there shouldn’t be a distinction between 2D and 3D, but in the real world, there might be some “friction”

And where’s the Neo Pocket Color SNK vs Capcom MotM bracket?

I’d show up for VF5, and probably enter some others. But, I’d show up for VF5.

Now, seeing as how I’m thining of going to actually play some live people, and can’t assist in adding anymore than 1 to the Tekken:DR bracket .

And on a side note, I have a sore spot for Tekken. While I was playing VF3 at Cyberspace in Crabtree, all of the other arcade gamers were on the Tekken 3 and then Tekken Tag cabs. And then they took VF3 away. I still remember studying my move list, driving to the mall, and seeing nothing. Do I blame the Tekken community for my loss? Stay tuned…

everbody must enter alpha 3