NC Digital Gaming Expo, 06/21

One of NC’s community colleges is having a gaming expo with fighting game tournaments as one of the attractions, as well as a couple of other games. This is just a repost from information passed on to me, I have nothing to do with the tournament organization, but here’s the info:

Raleigh NC at Wake Tech Community College
Saturday, June 21, 2008
Guitar Hero** - 10:00am
SS Building - Student Lounge
Smash Bros Brawl** - 10:15am
PLM Building - Room 241

Dance Dance Revolution - 10:30am
PLM Building - Room 246

Guilty Gear Accent Core - 1:00pm
PLM Building - Room 246
Halo 3** - 1:15pm
PLM Building - Room 241

Rock Band - 1:30pm
SS Building - Student Lounge

Unreal Tournament III - 1:45pm
PLM Building - Room 230

Campus Map

All tournaments are free to enter.
Space is limited, first come first served.
Signup at the location of the tournament, begining 30 minutes before the listed start time.
Prizes will be awarded for the top three competitors in each game.

Personal controllers can be used to the following games:
Guilty Gear (PS2)
Smash Bros Brawl (wii)
Halo 3 (XBox 360)
Guitar Hero (XBox 360)
Rock Band - Guitars only (XBox 360)