NC HATE THREAD LII: Where the rare Whoopi-Q can be found!


Use a Master Ball.


NC Hate Thread LII: I just found this amazing picture of some chick in a bathtub, im gonna post it so everyone knows not to save it/delete it if they ever come across it again that way it will be all my own

edit: that would have been my new title


NC Love Thread LII : In Arcana We Trust

Who’s Playin some Arcana!?


Oh shit, which thread will prevail??


you should have.


Arcana 3 is good. People should play it.

Anyway, Ian/Coimbo - I missed most of your gatherings last year cause I was in Japan, but I will be heading over to your place after I get off work if that’s cool with you. I don’t need a place to crash since I live in Greensboro, but if you could PM me your address, I would very much appreciate it.


although i think my thread title is funnier, I do love some AH. sucks idh a new system to play it on.


Tomorrow pre-orders should be shipping out. So I’m pretty hype right now. :slight_smile:

Also, bloodabeast, I see you got a PSN… are you talking about not having a system as for the region? If so you can still play it on a US PS3…


Super Cool Animated Music Videos Wednesday!!

capsule: ???


Should’ve put this as the title!


thought it was 360 as well. i’m having trouble about what system to get when my check comes in. everybody and their grandma has a 360, but only a select few friends has a ps3. sucks man.


I would because that’s what I was thinking after I posted it, but I’m not a mod. Nor will I ever be one.


You can still change it through edit.

Edit: I’m posting in this thread because it was posted before the other one and I support Hate? over love.


im playing so many rpgs right now it’s not even funny.

ragnarok vindictus ffxiv WoW etc etc etc


“Fuck Jins Ice Car” would of been a pretty funny title to




lol people still play Ragnarok?

Get on DFO damnit!


man wtf is this shit one of these threads got to go.


I want to address something. For all of the newer players/people that only exist on the internet/etc, I’ve been hearing talk of these statements like “NC is free” from somewhere on IRC, streams or something and now I see that in our thread titles. It’s been changed now, but something I want to make clear is that some randoms hating on us somewhere means about as much as youtube comments.

I don’t care so much that it’s going on, but the feeling I get is that we have people that are sitting at home and not coming out who are thinking this way, and may even not be coming out because of it? I don’t know how bad the online spectator hate scene is really, but it shouldn’t get to the point where we label ourselves as being terrible. It’d almost be funny if it were like, one of our actual players saying it, or maybe associated with a valid point from Matt or something, but otherwise it just looks bad.

Some of us might not like Super or have a conflicted soap opera relationship with it or some shit, but that doesn’t mean we don’t play. It’s hard to appreciate the scale of how good we are unless you come out on a regular over a decent span of time, though, so it might be easy to think that though our Super players are beating you, we’re not -that- much better? Well…like I said, that’s something you can only know through playing more.


So who’s going to the Anamanaguchi show in Durham tonight? I’ma be up there with a friend from work. Anyone else interested in going?

Band: Anamanaguchi

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Haters gonna hate. I don’t give a shit what internet trolls say. I’m going to keep playing regardless.