NC Hotel Gathering - Friday July 21st


There has been a change in hotels. Everything is still ON, just check my last post in this thread for ALL the details. Thanks!

Here is the post link:


With the recent interest and talk of a monthly gathering, I thought I’d go ahead and see what’s up. If we get 10 or more people saying “Yes” then the gathering will definately be going down. Please vote! EDIT: (We have enough interest. The gathering will definately happen!)

Please only put “Yes” if you’re positive you can make it - since we’re going to be putting our neck on the line with the reservation neither one of us want to take a hit on the wallet. If you plan on coming just post up here with what equipment/games you could bring to help out. I’ll have 3rd, NGBC, KOFXI, T5, DC w/ Goblin, MVC2 and CVS2 for anyone that needs them. I’m also going to bring the brackets again to do some tourneys if people want (no money, money, whatever). Last gathering was a blast with 20+ people, so maybe it’ll happen again.

Hope everybody can make it! :tup: :karate:

What time is the checkout time?
How many TVs are gonna be there?

I definitely want to make it…money shouldn’t be a problem for me, but I just need to know this stuff and make sure I don’t have any schedule conflicts.

Checkout time is 12:00pm - Saturday, July 22nd.

Last time we had 5 TVs I believe. TVs weren’t a problem at the last one so I don’t expect they’ll be this time.

Residence Inn by Marriott
2000 Veasley St, Greensboro, NC
(336) 294-8600

It’s real easy. It’s basically 1 minute off of I-40, The Koury Blvd./High Pt. Rd (go the direction for High Pt. Rd) exit coming from the East (go left), and the High Point Rd. exit coming from the West (turn right). Nice location too as far as gas stations, restuarants, mall is concerned. If anyone knows where Wendover is in Greensboro, it’s one street down from that. It’s off the same road as the Coliseum, right across the street from Four Seasons Mall.

I’m in.

I can bring my Xbox, VF4:evo, SC2(Xbox version),and Halo(If anybody has LAN cables because I dont).

I’m in Cajun, I can bring PS2, Slash, 3s, Tekken 5, and a DC if needed. I liked the Residence Inn that is a good choice. All I got to say is Smokey Bones FTW.

I’ll prolly bring my comp again and this time it can record matches. I’ve got over 200 gigs of space left anyway. Holla!

Sound fun, you know I can bring a TV or five. Maybe this time the Waffle Ho’ will serve us at 4am.

I’m gonna try to bring the G’ville crew to this thing…it sounds like a lot of fun. I can bring SFAA if necessary…sounds like u guys have everything else covered.

80% chance I can go, but I still voted maybe. If you don’t get 10 yes votes, at least a few of the undecided should pan out. Great turn out last time and everybody had fun as I recall.

I can bring Slash(2), NGBC, XI, Tenka (lol) and a ps2 to play them.

Why doesn’t this ever happen on a Saturday? I work Friday nights… =\ Maybe I can get off early and be there by midnight or somethin.

I’m gonna do my best to be there, this is gonna be the shit.

Even though it would be a short stay for you, people tend to bang until well into the night so it might still be worth the trip. Something to consider.

I can probably make this; I’ve learned not to commit to stuff 100% too early, because life comes at you fast sometimes. I’ll put in my “yes” vote by Tues/Wed and bring the trusty goblin along if I plan to attend. It will be good to see everyone and just chill like last time, which I thought was very successful.

Thanks to everybody putting their necks out there for this, much appreciated. :cool:

Awesome yall. Last time was great.

Dub: About the Friday thing, I was figuring if some are going to VTYME and not leaving until Saturday, they could come through and get some practice. Plus, doing something in NC on the same exact day wouldn’t be too nice. But like Jugg said, I think I went to sleep at 5 or so last time and there were still people up playing. Do hope you can make it.

For those able, at least one “larger” size TV (if possible) would be great. Tony, if you want to bring yours, I’d be happy to load it up and bring it back and forth for ya. Just a thought - I know you’re going to be packed with goods already. Also, the two TVs that are in the room already didn’t have A/Vs last time, so a couple RFs from some people wouldn’t hurt. Thanks.

Confirmation: Until I say otherwise, me, Jeff, and Aaron will be there, so change the 1 maybe to 3 yes votes. If ups allows, i will have had some time to figure out some impractical NGBC and slash shit by then.

Thing is it’s about a 2.5 to 3hr drive for me and if I can’t get off early then I really wouldn’t get out of work till around 1am so by the time I made it there it wouldn’t really be worth it. But I checked the schedule at work tonight and since I’m the supervisor and no one else really important has that night off I think I can be out of there by 8 or so if not just get the whole night off. Either way I’m putting in a maybe vote.

I’ve got a Sony 27" that is just about portable. We’ll work out the details. I think if we put the two biggies on the dinning room table, that could work out nice. Plus my tube has A/V pass through (two in fact) so vid cap’s would be no prob for Lu.

Of course Clerks 2 comes out that night…Pete and I might be late.

Dub: You just gotta get off. Have no fear of getting in at Midnight…that’s when it’ll start getting fun anyhow.

If I decide not to goto Emarald Point, then some people can come back to my apartment and either crash or play more games or whatever.

Sounds like this is gonna go down!

Yeah I’ll probably be able to come. Don’t want to say for sure quite yet. If I come I can bring some misc. fighters if anyone wants to play KOF 98/99/01/02/03, LB2, MOTW, VOOT, etc. I used to be one of those “collector” type fighting game players i suppose. :rolleyes:

Alex, no Texas hold 'em? What’s wrong w/ you?!

I’m in.