NC Hotel Gathering - Friday July 21st

Oh shit. Yeah if you want to play some hold’em I’m down. We gotta do cheap like dollar buy-in / winner-take-all or something though. :rofl: I could probably do a $5 heads-up. Do you have any chips?

no limit? or limit

No limit of course.

If this thing happens I’ll bring the chips, cards, poker set, etc. :slight_smile:

I’m also good to bring an extra tv, ps2, 3S, A3, or whatever else.

With as many maybes and people interested, this thing is gonna happen, so no worries there. :tup:

I really wanna record some MvC2, CvS2, and Slash matches since people will be here who actually play these games well.

^ what about yourself?

You’re too modest, Lu. :bgrin:
But it’s cool; you’ve always been very gracious about your skills.

My brother and me are on the “Maybe” list. If we’re able to go well let you guys know… dood.

I edited the first post to say that the gathering will definately happen!

I’m thinking of just putting up this poll monthly and see what we can do for monthly gatherings. On that thought…monthly 3rd Strike Ranking Battles? :karate:

:tup: Im so down for some 3rd strike… dood.

i should be there

It’s more entertaining to watch other people fight (like yourself, erik, charlotte, eddie, shaun, etc.) My MvC2 stuff is just boring.


Do it!

Word Up! I got the day off so me and my brother will be there for some 3rd Strike battles… dood.

I’m officially there. Got the night off so I’ll be there early. You guys need me to bring anything other than liquor? Systems? Got DC, PS2’s, Sat, GC. Convertors are coming no matter. Got a goblin I can bring(it hasn’t gotten much love lately). Also if anyone needs a stick repaired I’ll be equipped for that. Ummmm, yeah just lemme know.

Bring everything lol. Mabye the combined efforts of you and Tony can fix my briken ass sticks.

I’ll come.

holdem is a go…someone bring chips and cards…


Ranbats would be a great idea. I’ll be there, I’ll bring my PS2, Slash and 3s.

Ok, so to keep up the count, in addition to the 7 yes votes we have already: Giefrules’ gang (3), -KDX-, Dub, myself, e.dantes, Dood 120% and his brother. most of these are maybes that confirmed.

So that’s an actual 16 "yes"s so far, and I’d bet around 20 or more end up showing like last time.

Yeah, those Namco’s are not user friendly. You gotta remove the whole backboard to get at ONE button?! And how hard is it to add a Sanwa to the aniversary stick? I’ve got an extra that should be put to use. Nothing like drunking mod’in to add some style to your gear (and some soldier-gun burn marks)

Oh shit my PS2 died on me and it was on the day I brought CvS2. One less PS2 for us…