NC Hotel Session, 2/25/11, MvC3/AH3/Super/PS2 games!

It’s that time again. I figure if I wait to get input from everyone, it’ll be too late, so I’m going ahead with this. This will run much like last time, $10 door fee, which includes everyone’s food. If anyone has access to any catering or large order discounts, get at me.

This will be held here:
Residence Inn by Mariott - Raleigh Midtown
1000 Navaho Drive
Raleigh, NC

We will have a bi-level loft room for the night, and we’ll play from basically check-in to checkout, 4 PM to 12 PM the next day, with everyone welcome to sleep (if they can!). The room is already reserved.

A lot of things are played here. Ideally, I want to have something like this running at minimum:
Two Super setups
Two Marvel setups
One AH3 setup
One PS2 setup (alternating MBAA, 3S and GG)
One Tekken/BB setup

  • anything extra we can fit in

That said, I’ll obviously need equipment, so here’s a list I’ll be updating. If you can bring something, please reply. To be sure that your game is played, please bring a copy of it as well.

Televisions (CRTs, monitors or virtually lagless LCDs only please):
7-9: Brent (24" CRT), hotel (2-3 mid CRT), Doug (Evo monitor), Tony (13"s available), Brandino (monitor and CRT)

PS3s (DLC preferred, but not required):
3-4: Brent, Brandino (dedicated AH3), chromedkg

360s (same):
2-3: Brent, David, ribu

PS2s (modded or with swap magic):
2: Brent, Brandino (dedicated MBAA), vZakat

We will mostly be playing Final Round tournament games to practice up at this event, so don’t expect anything random. If you sign up to bring some stuff, expect a few perks and even some PRIZES. Big thanks in advance for the community coming together again.

Facebook event page

Important edit:** don’t sit down and start playing until I have taken your name and fee. If you play/eat/crash without getting me $10, you will be asked to pay or leave.**

Brent’s too nice of a dude, so I’m gonna say this.

Last time there were some people who said they’d get at Brent cause they didn’t have the cash. They’d run to an ATM. They’d get him later. They didn’t. Brent ate the difference, cause he’s a nice dude and cause he’s balla and he don’t give a fuck about no money.

Bring your cash. Pay AT THE DOOR TO GET IN. No cash? Stop at an ATM before you come. No excuse. You know in advance it costs $10, it’s not a surprise. This is the first post after Brent’s, if you see the topic then you’re seeing this. Brent uses the leftover money to order food and drinks and stuff, so it’s not like he’s making a profit. And even if he does have extra after the food, it’s like <$5 and people can get over that shit. Hell, if his leftover is $10 people can get over it since he had to eat the difference last time.

I agree, I and a few other people gave an extra $10 because we saw that Brent was about to eat a whole lot of cost to pay for food.

Also, can’t wait, I had a lot of fun at the last one. I live in Raleigh, so I won’t stay the night there, but i’ll try to stay until 1 or 2 or until my eyes give out, whichever comes first :slight_smile:

My brother lives in raleigh, so making it to this shouldn’t be a problem

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS OF PIZZA. Yeah, that was bad. I also gave away a bunch of stuff. If I do somehow have anything left after I get food this time, I’ll count it towards other times I’ve lost money.

But yeah, thanks Jimmy.

If there’s not enough room for out-of-towners to sleep, get at me day-of and we’ll work something out.

I’m almost 100% sure I can make it. This sounds super hype. I can might bring a GG set up as well (no swap magic/mod though). It just depends on how I’m feeling that day.

Hell, I work in GSO, get off at 5:30…already 25% closer! You know why’d I’d be heading over so don’t expect real comp but I’ll make you laugh! I’ve got some 13" crt’s if needed.

lol good stuff Tony.

Hey, i’ll let you know for sure on the 15th (after I buy MVC3) if i’m going but remember what I said last time. I probably can’t get THAT much food abusing this connection I have because they would definitely get suspicious but I get 50% off everything at Papa Johns. I don’t know what Brent wants to do as far as costs go but I can get us like 3 large/extra large pizzas or whatever the hell people want, like I said don’t wanna abuse it but either way saving 50% off three extra large pizza’s is really amazing. I forgot but I know it’s around 10 bucks per extra large? It costs a shitload more if you guys want like mad toppings on it though that’s how they make their cash.

Like I said though i’ll let you know what i’m doing so don’t count on the Papa Johns until I get full confirmation (on the 15th), most likely would bring the usual crew but if they aren’t up with it whatever lol i’d go.

Well, larges are generally $9-10 and extra larges 11-12. Everybody can buy them at that price. Like today (Monday), they do larges any way you want them for 8.99. If you’re getting half off of THAT, or half off of the regular price (more like $5-6 a pizza?), then we can go that route.

I’ll need to feed about 25 people. A large pizza feeds 3-4, XL 4-5ish, so I’d certainly need a little more than three…but if you can get whatever you feel is safe with your discount, I’ll just make a separate order at normal prices or get subs or something.

Like you know the menu you see when you walk into the Papa Johns and it’s always like at the top near the ceiling? It’s 50% off everything on there. Posted back at FB btw, completellllllly overestimated gas costs. It really doesn’t matter what I get just as long as i’m not getting like 10 extra large pizzas. 3-5 at most is fine or whatever you think is good hotel gathering food, what I get isn’t as important as how much of it i’m getting.

I have no idea what the actual price would be, I typically get an extra large and 3 toppings for around 10 bucks which I just assume is a good deal since it’s 50% off though i’ve seen some nice coupons. Just let me know if you can use my help on it.

I’ve basically never walked into Papa John’s. I think you’re talking about regular menu prices though, which I’m familiar with. We’ll get the most you feel comfortable with ordering and if that’s not enough, I’ll queue up an order of my own. We’ll work it out.

Alright that works. I think your right about the prices. I never pay any attention to it since all I know is that it’s basically affordable for the amount of food you get. I’ll just call you the day of and let you know what i’m getting and how much it is. Since i’d be getting it and then heading over they always slap those coupons and crap on the pizza box so you can just take all those and see what’s good and use them if you need to make a separate order in the end. I think everything will work out nicely.

Cool; I’ll just show up wearing a Bush mask and basically rob everyone blind.

Ill be there… Can bring systems/games if needed…

So I’ve come up with a pretty neat idea. If someone beats me 3-0 in Super, Arcana or Melty Blood, they will earn a free art commission to their specifications by my friend Jamie Jennings, who will bring the completed work to Animazement. Whatever you want, within reason of course (i.e. no huge groups of people). This is a $30-60 value, and could potentially be an amazing avatar or unique stick art. One chance per player. If no one does this, I will instead cover the commissions of two people that contributed to the gathering, picked randomly.

Examples of her work:
Calling Out | Emerald Winter (one of her webcomic series)
emeraldwinter’s deviantART gallery

Some random examples I like:
Fan Art by emeraldwinter on deviantART (Mana Khemia 2)
Fan Art by emeraldwinter on deviantART (Meryl)
Fan Art by emeraldwinter on deviantART (Noel Vermillion)
Lavender Legend by emeraldwinter on deviantART (illustration for her other comic, Lavender Legend)

Ah, so she’s a FF6 fan?

She can make whatever she wants, as long it fits this style:


Sounds cool, Brent! I’ll take you up on that match. She has really nice art style.

Sounds pretty sweet, I’ll try and head down if I can, but I’ll leave around 11:00 PM or so, I love hearing about all these NC events going on.

Just moved to Raleigh this week and was looking around for any MvC3 happenings around town and saw this. I’m pretty scrubtastic when it comes to fighters, though. You folks won’t judge me too much if I come, right? :shy: