NC Love/Hate Thread LIII: Whoopi Goldberg and Counterpicking

Let’s do it in under a month again.

360 for tournaments cause everybody else does it

PS3 for tournaments because we’re nonconformist.


This so fuckin much.

Does switching offer any tangible benefit other than making some people buy new shit?

I agree.

Not really

I think we should run tournaments on ______ cuz that’s the system I have!!!11!!!@!@11

Good god, can we stop this already? Lucky has PS3s. You wanna buy him a few 360s? Didn’t think so. Evo uses PS3. Final Round uses PS3. We use PS3 until something pretty drastic changes. Deal with it.

I could have sworn EVO used 360 last year.

I dont mind playing on either system. Im getting Marvel for both.

I pm’ed Gummowned but is there anybody IN THIS STATE RIGHT NOW who wants to make some money on a dual mod? I have a 360 TE stick that needs hooking up BEFORE MvC3 release.

And im putting it out NOW, yes there may be pre-street copies. I dont want to have a big blowup like last year so I will post EXACTLY what will be available as she (the store owner) updates me.

But about the stick. If you know me, you know my money is good. Hit me up.


We need to get organized about the rides down and rooms.

I just reserved 1 room, and ShadowAce also has a room open for Charlotte peeps as well.
My car may be carrying a lot of equipment, so I have room comfortably for 3 people and possibly 4 less comfortably. Unless you’re bringing systems for Final Round entry I would highly suggest leaving any systems and electronics behind and fit everything into one luggage case as possible. The rooms generally have more than enough space to unpack your stuff for the weekend.

My plan is to leave Charlotte THURSDAY a little before noon and leave ATL MONDAY around 10-11AM, a few hours per checkout.
If people who ride with me really would prefer leaving Sunday night instead, I am open to doing so and saving $$ on the extra night, but keep in mind that checkout is at 12PM and I don’t know how late shit is going to run on Sunday, so if we’re still in anything we have to pack up EARLY and either keep our stuff in the car all day or lug it around the ballroom and I’m not too comfortable doing either.
I hate my fucking job so I’m taking off Monday regardless, so I don’t really care all that much if we stay an extra night.

Final Round rooms are at the discounted rate of $89.99 per NIGHT up until the Feb 14th deadline. I would suggest to ANYONE who wants a room to reserve a room before that date.
The Hilton also is charging a (high but not entirely uncommon) 14% Sales Tax and parking is (EDIT) $3 per day so keep that in mind as well.
You need a credit card to reserve but the hotel will NOT charge you until you arrive, so you don’t have anything to lose. Plus Larry really needs to sell these rooms at that price not to get charged back and fuck him over. Larry not getting fucked over = bigger and better Final Rounds in the future.


Don’t buy any food or drink at the hotel. Just don’t. The Holiday Inn in the years previous was pretty bad, although they had an all-you-can-eat Breakfast that was good, but overpriced.
The new location at the Hilton is even worse. They charge $4 for 12oz can of soda for Room Service. Then they automatically add 23% tip to any room order. Yes, really. They will charge almost $5 for someone to bring a can of Coke to your room.
There’s tons of cheap food places around the Hilton. I always stopped by a K-Mart or something in Atlanta bought a case of Coke cans instead. Bring any drinks you need for the weekend to your room.

–Hotels don’t ALWAYS give you new towels and pillows every day, unless you bitch about it. If you don’t feel like bitching about it, bring a spare towel or pillow of your own.

–Bring a system of your own to hook up in your room or make fast friends with someone that does or else you will be BORED at nights when they close the ballroom.

–There are always people playing in rooms, anywhere. ALWAYS. Any game you could ever think of playing, and I mean ANY GAME, you’ll probably find at least one random person to play with.

–Don’t take your badge off, except in the shower. Keep everything you carry into the ballroom in your sight, at ALL times.

–Unlike NC, Georgia has no laws preventing random gas stations from stocking any form of liquor they please.
Use this knowledge for good or evil.

–Krystal burgers are GODLIKE

–Drivers, the stretch of SC between Anderson and Greenville always has the cheapest gas on I-85. But you probably already knew that.

–Get to Atlanta before 4PM if at all possible.

–Most hotels have lock-outs on hooking up game systems. Bring a Universal remote. Or just plug up your own TV.

All hotels charge anywhere from 12-14% tax, it’s a combination of regular sales tax and a hospitality tax that varies depending on where you are (i worked at a resort for 2 years and had to explain that a lot)

I know about the hospitality tax, but the Atlanta sales tax was always fairly low. I guess ‘was’ being the operative word.

Yeah, it always used to suck having people make little snide comments at me about how “that’s how you get our money” and shit like that, as if we actually got any of that extra 13% that was on top of what I guess they thought would be a tax free stay. It is a little crazy, just an extra way for the state to take money from travellers I guess.

I haven’t been reading the Final Round thread, is there going to be a cabinet room at FR like there was at NEC? I spent about 90% of my time there the entire weekend.

There’ll be a few cabs there with ST, 3S, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and Vampire Savior alternating but 90% of the ballroom will be stations for tournament only.

Sensei R: the game summit is in GOLDSBORO not Greensboro. I tried to send this via pm but your box is full.

Awesome, at NEC one of the smaller rooms had all the cabs in that was separate from the big main room and I spent a lot of time there playing st and not watching ssf4 in a big crowded room. Though I am hype for mvc3 this year so I’ll have to jam my way in. It’s a fun game finding me in the pics of NEC because I’m the tallest dude in the room usually so my head pops up above people.

Hey thread creator, how about instead of one line about a inside joke, you post up upcoming tournaments and gatherings so when someone asks “what’s going on” we can say “first post.”