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Hey guys wanted to let you know that NCSU is hosting the first Wolves Den Tournament on October 22nd. Currently we plan on AE, Marvel, 3S, Arcana majors at $10 with Catherine and BB minors at $5 (though BB can change if more people want that). As it stands right now we will have the place from 12pm until 10pm but can get it later (explanation below).

Currently our own resources are 4 big CRTs with Xboxes, but no game data on any of them, 1 CRT that isn’t set to the right channel but we can probably fix that, and 1 CRT with an Xbox that has AE, CS2 (no DLC), Catherine, and MvC3 (Jill only). I think it is possible to get away with no Marvel saves because it takes no time to unlock all characters and as far as I know no one runs the DLC characters on their team (and if they do its usually Jill). The AE problem is easily solved with people bringing their own hard drives and/or recovery and re-download (also works for 3SO). Because of this the planned tournaments take precedence over all others but if you want to run another let me know and bring a full setup, we have a ton of space in the Den. I think for the most part we will need at least 2 PS3 systems with TVs (maybe 3).

Now, about the time. Because we reserved the space as a club we get it for free as long as we want until the building closes; this is good and bad. The good news is THERE IS NO VENUE FEE because we don’t have to pay the university (after tuition). The bad news is that if we want to go past 10pm it’s $50 an hour to keep the place open. I think if we get started at 2 going over isn’t that big of a problem.

This is just an information post because not everything is final and I need some more info for planning. I’d gladly accept and appreciate any advice through PMs from the others who run tournaments so we can avoid the biggest mistakes.

Suggestion: Take a venue fee. $2 @ 50 total entrants across the board gives you til midnight. Really depends on the number of players. 5-6 tournaments on 5-6 crts might take a while.

I forgot to mention that there is a PS3 with a CRT already down there but no data to my knowledge. Technically there are 7 TVs available 5 with xboxes already hooked up (the Den’s), 1 with the PS3, and then my own which I was going to set up with my 360. Any of them can have their system swapped easily all the wires are easy to access.

I’m considering the venue fee so that we can run that long, I probably would go with the $5.

Durham Gamefrog Announcement!!!

Monday Night Fights!!!

Every monday evening ranbat tournaments and food. Door fee from 2:00pm till 9:00 is $10 and 6:00pm to close is $5. Points will go toward Grand Tournament seeding that will be 2 months apart for planning convenience and a larger guaranteed grand pot for tournament games offered. Will be setting up live stream as well.

Starting this coming monday!!!

Break a spine…

There’s only one piece of advice I can give new tournament organizers: don’t be afraid to be the bad guy. If someone is holding up your bracket and no one can find them to play their match, disqualify them. If you say signups stop at a certain time, stop them at that time unless someone calls you in advance. When you say casuals are over make sure people stop playing there; we’re a bunch of fools who will try to squeeze in one more match while you’re not looking. If you have to stand in front of the TV/monitor, you do so. Don’t let people ask about the bracket then walk off with it.

Since you have the unique situation of no venue fee/building fee for later hours, if people are dragging their feet let them know that whatever games are still running at that time are going to pay the $50/hr out of their pot. And be more liberal with dqs. You have no financial interest in this beyond whatever your chances of winning a tournament are, so don’t put your already broke-ass college student wallet on the line.

I agree.

Thank goodness that I am already an asshole cause I don’t take any shit already :wink:

In talks right now with Gamefrog Staff and Northgate Mall Theater Management to have tournament Grand Finals of on the big screen and possible stick prizes give by Mad Catzs!!! More details to come.

Another reason to add a small venue fee would be to upgrade to lagless HD setups eventually. The ASUS monitors are pretty cheap now, at least for me, playing regularly on 16:9 and then going to 4:3 is kinda weird. Don’t know how other people feel about it, I think CRTs with a lot of flicker give me a headache too :frowning:

That’s how you do it man! I am not hauling around crt’s any more and besides that all the games are in HD now so unless you want to do a throw back on a ps2 or DC then there is no reason to have CRT’s any more.

Yea I wish we could have all ASUS stuff, it would own, but unfortunately the club funds are tied up from the previous year and we can’t get to them. I found out that we have to pay the university before the actual event to keep the building open so I think the fee will end up being $2 and we will just rent the place out until 12. Being the first time I think it’s ok to overshoot rather than fall short so we know for next time.

I hear ya man. I understand the funds being tied up thing.

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Is Wolves Den still in Talley/same place it was before, and is parking still free on weekends?

Probably not making it, but tempting, I haven’t been on State campus in about 5 years.

Yea the Den is still in the basement of Talley, there is a lot of construction going on around it but they kept it open. Parking is still the same for the weekend.

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